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  1. daylight

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    I just found out about this website . http://www.scbn.org/?gclid=CN_px-C0npoCFRwpawod2zOP9A

    They do charge a $10 registration fee but it is refundable. I'm guessing that you get a credit with your first medicine order. I haven't personally called them yet but I will on Monday .

    Thought that I'd post this for everyone that is having trouble paying for meds.

    PS: I don't work for these guys or anybody else . I' not trying to sell anything just thought that this might be helpful .
  2. rockgor

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    this is a company that makes its money by charging people for assistance in applying
    for free meds.

    The federal poverty guidelines quoted on this site are higher than the ones I found
    on other sites.

    Didn't see a reference to a ten dollar fee, but it says they charge $20 per med you
    apply for.

    Maybe some folks will investigate and give us some feedback.

  3. daylight

    daylight New Member

    I'm wondering if I got the right site . Ive looked into the site that PPA (I think that this is the one that Montel Williams advocates ). They would only ok one of my drugs . I'll have to look around for a few more web sites .
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I have some phone numbers and websites that were posted here about 3-4 years
    ago. I have never tried them. Don't know if they are any good or not.

    I have posted them for people several times indicating I don't know if they will be
    helpful. No one has ever responded w/ pro or con information.

    The govt. has billions to help other countries w/ health care. Funny we don't seem
    to have much for folks at home.

  5. daylight

    daylight New Member

    Yeah it stinks. It makes me so angry that our gov. doesn't check out the people that are lying about there income , but they penalize those of us that do tell the truth.
    I know that there are some people that have high hopes for Obama's health care plan but I'm not so sure that this will be a good thing for us. Our government always looks out for #1 first (the bottom line) .
    Things are really going to get bad around here when we do get hit with a large amount of pandemic illness and everyone losing their health care ins. or we'll be severely limited to health care on the Obama plan. But I guess it's better than nothing. At least he seems to be trying to help.
  6. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    I posted these on the Depression Board in January 2009 and they may help.

    Here are sites for and about low cost/no cost prescriptions. You can go to the bottom of the page for the safe link and when you go into the link you can pick which one and click and it will take you there.


    Benefits Check Up - Provides individuals 55 and over with a confidential personalized report of public and private programs that can help save money on prescription drugs.

    Canada Pharmacy.com - Need some cost breaks on your scrips? Try out-of-country.

    RX 4US - By negotiating on your behalf with a network of licensed Canadian pharmacies they bring you good prices and reliable Canadian drug service.

    Costco Pharmacy Online - Online pharmacy to purchase drugs, vitamins and get health info.

    Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs - Reports and information to guide consumers and doctors in making more cost effective prescription drug choices.

    Consumer Reports Drug Reports - Combines an expert review of the scientific evidence on prescription drugs with their prices. Compare and contrast prescription drugs by category - that is, drugs in the same class that are used to treat a specific condition or illness such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, coronary artery disease, heartburn or depression. The reports can be easily and quickly downloaded as attractive PDFs to print out and discuss with your doctor.

    Disability Resources.org Prescription Drug Resources -

    Indigent Prescription Programs -

    FDA – Buying Medicines And Medical Products Online -

    FDA – Consumer Education - What You Should Know About Buying and Using DrugProducts -

    FDA – Saving Money On Prescription Drugs -

    FreeDrugCard.us - Sponsored by a non-profit organization to help all Americans cut their prescription drug costs. Simply download your FREE Prescription Drug Card and receive savings of up to 75% at more than 50,000 national and regional pharmacies. This Prescription Card is not Insurance, is pre-activated and can be used immediately.

    Free Medicine Program - Helps patients in obtaining prescription drugs and medications absolutely free of charge.

    Helping Patients - Interactive website designed to help providers/patients find patient assistance programs

    Medicare Prescription Drug Info Search - Allows you to search for programs (both private and government) based on where you live

    Guide to Choosing a Medicare Approved Drug Discount Card -

    Medication Foundation - Information clearinghouse for low cost and no cost prescription drug programs.

    Medicine for Free - NOTE: This site charges a $9.99 subscription fee

    Medicine Express - Designed to help senior citizens or anyone who does not have any prescription coverage and are having trouble financially obtaining the medicines they need.

    State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs -

    Needymeds.com - Organization which helps patients learn about patient assistance programs. THEY CAN NOT ANSWER CALLS CONCERNING INDIVIDUAL REQUESTS FOR ASSISTANCE, they can provide information only. They are not a provider.

    Pfizer Sharecard - Pfizer Sharecard is especially beneficial for Medicare recipients and provides Pfizer Pharmaceuticals at a greatly reduced rate. Take the qualification test to see if you can benefit.

    PharmacyChecker.com - Compare prescription drug prices for more than 1,000 medications.

    PHRMA/Pharmaceutical Research and Mfgs. of America - Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, a detailed listing of programs and contacts.

    QDrug.com - Info on state and federal funded prescription programs

    RX Assist - Searchable database by company, brand name, generic name and drug class which includes eligibility and application instructions.

    RX Hope - The only patient assistance Internet initiative financially supported by PhRMA (Pharmaceutical and Research Manufacturers of America) and participating pharmaceutical companies.

    RX Outreach -

    America’s Guide to Save – Buying Prescription Drugs Online -

    ScriptSave - The ScriptSave card offers prescription drug savings for the entire household, as well as free access to health and wellness information.

    Medicine Program.com - An organization which assists patients, with help from the physicians, to enroll in patient assistance programs.

    Together RX Access Card - A free prescription-savings card for eligible residents of the United States and Puerto Rico who have no prescription drug coverage.

    Medical Discounts International Inc -

    AAA Prescription Savings Program - Free with AAA membership. Save average of 20% on prescriptions. No deductables or co-pays. Simply present your AAA Prescription Savings card at a participating pharmacy for the discount.

    BenefitsCheckUpRX -

    PPA/Partnership for Prescription Assistance - The Partnership for Prescription Assistance brings together America's pharmaceutical companies, doctors, other health care providers, patient advocacy organizations and community groups to help qualifying patients who lack prescription coverage get the medicines they need through the public or private program that's right for them. Many will get them free or nearly free. To access the Partnership for Prescription Assistance by phone, you can call toll-free at 1-888-477-2669.

    FROM: http://groups.msn.com/SocialSecurityDisabilityCoalition/pharmacylinks.msnw