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    Kathryn just got one test back from Dr. C and, as we knew but were not treating with her PCP, she has low DHEA. He said eh would prefer the upper half of normal (range 44- 248 for her age 15). She was a 42. The office is closed today, so just curious as to how others are treating this. The Cortisol and Aidosterone are normal.

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    and she wants her to start 5mg and work up to 25mg a day of DHEA from the Health food store. Not sure how long it takes to feel any effects or what the effects really are of low DHEA. Any ideas?
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    But I need a whopping dose for a woman just to get my blood levels up to where they need to be. Lyme is stealing my hormones or something!!! It has wiped out my HPA axis and my thyroid.

    Multiple tick bites over a period of years will do that to you. All of my hormones were low on both blood and urine tests (thyroid, growth hormone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, and cortisol).

    For this reason, I'm the queen of hormones! If anyone wants to ask me about them feel free to contact me through

    You can email or just send me a private message. Wish this board did PMs. [This Message was Edited on 04/22/2008]
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    She's been having nightmares, but not sure what that is from -- at least she's sleeping LOL

    Dr. C has her starting on 5mg and working up to 25mg. maybe the dose was too high to start for you??[This Message was Edited on 04/26/2008]
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    I also tested low on DHEA on a recent saliva test and have been doing an under the tongue DHEA spray. Each spray contains 5mg and I do 3 sprays twice a day. For a total of 30mg a day, my doctor said 30mg is not bad at all for my age, im 20 year old male. He said I could even go up to 50mg.

    I have noticed that it has helped with my energy levels a bit, nothing drastic but definitely have noticed it so I suggest she sticks with it. Im not sure if 5mg will really have an effect though that is a really small dose.

    I also have adrenal dysfunction, so along with low DHEA I have low cortisol. And have been taking cortisol for over a year, but it doesn't bring my levels up so im looking for a new approach.