low-dose anti-depressants & sleep??

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  1. caroleye

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    I saw a post way back when that mentioned there was an anti-depressant that when taken in low doses would help with sleep.

    Can anyone remember what that was?

    Thanks & LIGHT**********carole
  2. bpmwriter

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    any ssri that works on serotonin will help with sleep. lexapro is one of the newest and generally regarded as the most well-tolerated. over the two years i've been sick, lexapro is one of the only drugs that has helped me get a leg up on this illness. i don't believe it has anything to do with addressing what is classically known as depression, but the gains that provides me in the sleep department. my firm belief is that if you're not getting stage 3 and 4 sleep, you will NEVER heal. some take lyrica, others take ambien; i say take whatever works! lexapro is my drug of choice because it also addresses my migraine and anxiety problem.

  3. ellikers

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    I'm on two- remeron and prozac - both at low doses and they do help BEAUTIFULLY with sleep!!!
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  4. caroleye

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    I went thru all of the SSRI's, and the side affects (pediatric doses) all gave me sideaffects.

    Guess I need to check out Lexapro. Also think someone mentioned wellbutrin.

    And I agree, deep sleep is essential to feeling better.

  5. HagerTX

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    Keep in mind that SSRI side effects will tend to vary from person to person. The same one may make someone sleepy and the next person it may give insomnia. If you get a chance, check out the possible side effects as listed on a pharmacy info sheet--it will list a bunch of possible side effects including ones that are at extremes with one another eg insomnia and sleepiness.

    A friend of mine has taken Prozac for years and it makes him very sleepy but it absolutely wired me even at a fairly low dose.
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    I have been on antidepressants for so many yrs for depression. When I got fibro, I was put on nortripteline at night to help me sleep deeper. Sometimes I sleep and other nights, it wouldnt matter what i take. I take zoloft, wellbutrin, buspar,clonipan and two muscle relaxers. 27 meds all together. I dont remember what i used to be like.

  7. bpmwriter

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    most side effects are transitory, so lexapro (for instance) might make you a little anxious at first as your body adjusts, but in the long run, it greatly reduces anxiety. i have found that daytime sleepiness eventually goes away too. i hazard to guess that most people who've had bad reactions to anti-depressants only take them for a couple days to a week and never make it through the adjustment period. or they interact negatively with another drug. loss of libido and sometimes weight gain due to increased appetite are typically the only side effects that don't go away over time.

  8. shirleygirley

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    I take Dothiepin antidepressant. I have had several bouts of depression before FMS was diagnosed 3 years ago, once as a result of my Mum passing away when I was 20 weeks pregnant so got post-natal depression after that birth, after the birth of my twins (don't recommend two at once) and then 7 years later when my husband left us, again when I got made redundant and the last bout was when I could not work with gall bladder problems and subsequent surgical removal - I lost a job and had financial worries!! I think that makes 6 bouts of the dreaded lurgi over the last 20 years and I did get over all of them but have continued with the dothiepin now solely to ease the FM sleep problems as it has a sedatory effect. I did start to cut down on the dose as I am no longer depressed but had loads of dream sleep and felt more stiff, fatigued and ached more so I have gone back up on the dose. However I don't sleep well every night despite the medication, it all depends on what I have done in the day and whether or not I have yet another headache or have neck and back pain. I don't get side effects from dothiepin, unlike Prozac and Amiltyptaline and also Seroxat is so hard to wean off but did help with one bout of depression, so the old fashioned dothiepin seems to help me. I am scared to change as I am so sensitive to drugs which I think all us FMers are!! Hope the above is helpful but as a result of this message board I am looking into the lexapro that has been mentioned - we may not have it here in the UK??? Good luck and sweet dreams!!! Shirley