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    Hi everyone
    I am new to the board, but definitely not new to CFS & FM (diagnosed in 2002) - I am 40 years old and had to quit my job of 10 years this past March of 2008, due to this horrible illness. However, I was told about low dose naltrexone about 3 months ago, and how well it had helped an MS patient that I know, so I looked up on the web about it and printed out all of the informaion to take to my doctor. I told him that I wanteed to at least try it for 30 days and see how it worked. I was on Vicodin an Ultram ER for my pain, so before I could start the LDN, I had to be completely off of those for 10 days (NOT FUN!!!!!!!), but I was determined to try the LDN.
    After about 2 1/2 weeks of being on the 4 mg. LDN, my energy level improved significantly, my body pain/burning/stiffness was also noticeably improved. I have now been on LDN for almost 2 months and I am calling it my "miracle pill", however I am praying everyday that it just keeps helping. It has been extremely helpful, even if not a total miracle (still have weather related, stress related aches/pains) but compared to life without LDN - I can deal with it!!!

    So far I have increased energy, fewer flares, flares are less severe when I do have them. I am walking faster & getting more done too.

    I just wanted to share this with anyone that would like to look into trying this..... since the LDN is a compound medication, I have to get from a Pharmacist that is licensed to mix and do not haveone around where I live, but thecost of the medicine + shipping, is running me around $60/month.

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    I have been on it since july and was a bumpy ride at first had to go off and reapproach lower dose due to not being off pain meds long enough first but it seems i keep adjusting to it still. i am extremely mcs so i respond to a bizarrely low dose of ldn, like .5 liquid spread out over almost a week maybe, yea not even 5.0 but .5 ! but i know it does something cus when i dont use it for a few days the pain comes back and then i just take a drop in water and within hours a lot of the bad feelings in spine become a lot less noticeable, do-able.
    my energy might be a little better hard to say cus the pain meds helped well with that actually so to me its a lot like being on the low dose pain meds i was on but i dont have to take it as often its cheaper and less stigma. i still feel very cognitively deficient though, not sure what is up.
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    The results of the trial of ldn and fibromyalgia will be out in "six months or so". The trial will be continuing after that too. "Sounds promising". They cannot say anything else.

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