low-dose naltrexone

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  1. SherylS

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    Just wondering if anyone on here is currently taking this and are getting good results from it. Also, where did you purchase it? Didn't see it on Pro Healths shop.

  2. sabs

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    My Dr. said this compounding pharmacy has the cheapest price. It's mail order, but comes pretty quick.
    The dose is 4.5 mg daily. I am going on 6 mos. now and I think I'm doing somewhat better, but I really want to give it a year because it's not too expensive and I do notice a difference when I miss a couple of days (not very often).
    If you just 'google' LDN it will give you a lot of info. Even youtube testimonials... one fellow with MS says it is helping him.
    Hope this helps.
  3. akwildflower

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    I've been taking LDN since August. While I am not completely pain free, I am certainly much better than I was in July! I was finally referred to a pain specialist and prescribed this and physical therapy in addition to my regimen of an antidepressant and muscle relaxer at night.

    Although currently I'm experiencing more pain than usual due to overextertion and an insanely busy schedule, I am able to do things I used to do like attend an event in the evening after working all day.

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