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    Below is a letter to me from my brother.
    Monday I was with Linda Askren for our Zach's grandparent's luncheon in Louisville. She told me that she sure hated to see your sister and her family move away and that she had fibromyalgia (sp.?). A nurse friend of mind has been researching medicine for her husband who has the same thing I do and has come across a medicine that is FDA approved and has been used for years. They are now using it for different immunosuppressant diseases including fibromyalgia. Another friend took the information to her family doctor and she has started on it for fibromyalgia and the first time she was checked the "pressure points" (she called them) were significantly better. I thought if your sister was interested she could access the web site and read the information--both the general and the immune system disease part. I downloaded it all and took it to my rheumatologist. She said she would look the information over and get back to me. Just thought you might be interested in it for Judy.
    Carol Brown
    This was written to me to pass on to a friend, Dave, who has rectal cancer.
    . . . I picked it up just as I was reviewing material my physical therapist has given me on a treatment for weakened immune systems that is gaining increasing recognition. It has been found effective with a long list of various types of cancer. Dr. Bernard Bihari, a physician in NYC discovered that very small doses of naltrexone boosts the immune system, activating the body's own natural defenses. It can be taken along with current prescribed medicines and it is virtually without side effects. I am looking into this for Jim and I and you may be interested also. Dr. B and others have witnessed significant improvement with R.A. also.

    I include the website hoping you will forward this to Dave. With my nursing background, all that I read about this makes sense and the results they report are substantial. Many people have been able to be weaned off of immune suppressants after taking LDN. If you or Dave want more information, please contact me. I am going to be talking to both of our doctors about it.
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