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  1. ginlyn07

    ginlyn07 New Member

    I just saw a posting here on this and researched it myself and it sounds promising. So I want to spread the news.


    I want to print off this info for my doctor and have him look into it.

    Please post any experiences with it.

  2. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    hey if you search for ldn here you can find some good older posts and maybe bump them.
    i dont think a lot of people here are on it, i am and posted recently about experience a little.
    there are some websites devoted exclusively to it.
    its too bad that it isnt more avail to cfs people.
  3. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    it helps a lot with pain thats for sure. i did go thru some awful weeks though to get there because I was on darvon before hand, which worked pretty well but I wanted to see if it was effecting my mind and get on something different for awhile so ldn, which is sposed to help immune system too.
    but it increased mypain at first, i think it induced a w/d of the pain med, i went off pain med for 3 days before ldn but must have been a bunch stored in my fat or something cus i felt awful, unless it was part of a healing crisis ha, it seems ldn can make some people feel worse for months before they feel better. that happened to me and then lowering dose has been right for me.
    but unfortunately i still get bad brain fog, hasnt cured that, i actually felt stupider on ldn for awhile thats getting a lot better but i havent regained anything intellectually from pre-cfs/fms.
    its possible it still might improve over a long period since i am on such small dose or maybe i have brain damage. i dunno.
    but evrybody is different, check out the ldn sites, some people have lots of great things happen all around.

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