low energy and morning stiffness

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    I was reading on the internet that people with fibro do not get much or any Stage V sleep (REM sleep), and this is why fibro patients experience fatigue and aches and pains because this stage repairs tissue, etc......

    It also said in this stage you dream alot. I dream almost every single night. So I don't understand why I still wake up very stiff and have very low energy throughout the day. I also have intestinal pain when I wake up but then it goes away.

    Does anyone know what else causes these symptoms even though you are getting a good nights sleep? What can you take to help low energy and intestinal cramping? Thanks
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    There is a good post from Optimusundead that explains why we are stiff and have intestinal pain. It is because the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight system) is basically on all the time. I encourage you to read it.

    We all seem to have those symptoms upon waking. I do also, except the intestinal cramping, and I feel that I have slept just fine.

    It seems to be part and parcel of FMS/CFS.

    Take care, Sally
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    Thanks for advice on reading the article.

    If your fight or flight was on all the time wouldn't you have a racing heart?
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    There are many other things you could have going on that are causing you to not get deep sleep and feeling tired.

    When I first went to the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center they put me on a really strong sleep medicine -- Xyrem. I use to dream a lot before that but wasn't getting the deep sleep. Now I am.

    I still had stiffness and fatigue even with the good sleep and after having extensive blood work done (23 vials to be exact), they found out all my hormones were low and/or non-existent. They are supplementing me with bio-identical hormones.

    For me, the stomach cramping was candida yeast that was flourishing in my gut. This was helped by diet change and taking Nystatin.

    Still, there's a reason for all of the above. They tested my blood for viruses and bacteria and that's where they found the culprits that cause the fatigue, stiffness, pain and a completely suppressed immune system.

    Many times there are usually underlying reasons that cause your body to not be able to sleep, to be in that fight/flight mode and to have pain and fatigue.

    I hope you can uncover some of them because a lot of us on this board are now on protocols that will help us actually get well!

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    Ask your doctor to test you for adrenal gland exhaustion also known as Addison's Disease. I live in Canada and went to see Dr. Carol Ann Ryser in Kansas City, Missouri. She showed me a graph from the lab indicating when my adrenals performed and at what level. Of course, most doctors dont have a clue about adrenal gland problems or how to test for it. So I was lucky. She was the 11th doctor I went to see. She told me exactly what is causing my fatigue. So at least now I know what my problems are. Also Im anemic. I take B12 sublingual drops under the tongue everyday. Not sure about your intestinal cramping. I went thru ulcers and that was not fun. The doc also put me on alot of supplements which helped everything. I sleep good now except for when I have an infection or the flu. Before I had nightmares and insomnia very bad. Now Im on cortef 25 mg a day and DHEA 25 mg a day. I also take neurontin to control irritability and helps with concentrating and focusing. My worst time of day is morning. So in your case this might be adrenals. Doc told me to take SAMe which you can get from this site. It helps with sleep and calming nerves and pain. I take gingko biloba for energy. Take care.
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    blamed for the individual symptoms, it would be hard to figure out just which doctor or group has a definite
    answer. So far few have improved a whole lot of stayed that way if they have. I see alot of people who rally on various treatments, feel great (or better than they have in years) go back to work and then just crash. I haven't yet seen anyone get better, stay better and put these dd's behind them completely yet.

    I think the new fibro centers have some good ideas, but they and the lab they use are very much involved in govt stuff..so that could be good or not. I do think someone(s) out there know how to fix this or have a darned good idea of how, but whether it is in the cards for "them" to do so is yet to be seen also.

    Some things being tested for and said to be positive are as doubted by the
    main experts on the dd's as the dd's
    are by others. So many are testing positive for example with Candida. Some doctors don't believe there is such a thing, other's I've read say it's there but killing it is doing just the opposite of what we need. I've seen some go on special diets, special protocols..you name it and someone has or is trying something.

    I've tried to sample a little of everything that's mentioned at one point in my progression of this "non
    progressive" illness or another. I've kept what seemed to help and tried to
    eliminate things or situations that have made it worse. Some things you just can't easily eliminate in the stress area for example.

    I always say if something is working for someone, I don't care what it is,
    go for it..so long as it's legal and not something that will easily kill you. I never doubt it when someone says they are improving and I cheer anyone who says they are. I just hope it doesn't end up like so many other diseases where they spend millions on research and never do find a cure. I can't think that will be the case or
    I'd have to just give it up, and that's the WORST thing we can do.
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    I'm curious about what you meant in your statement:

    "I think the new fibro centers have some good ideas, but they and the lab they use are very much involved in govt stuff..so that could be good or not"

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    I agree that there can be different causes for these; improvements in stiffness and fatigue can come about through treating the causes. My morning and late evening stiffness have improved, in my case it took alternative anti-iflammatories, immune mudulators, antimicrobials etc as part of a more extensive programme.

    Yes lack of deep stage sleep will affect muscle repair, in these DDs non restorative sleep seems to be the problem. My sleep med enables me to sleep, without this I doubt everything else I doing would have had much of an effect. Better sleep has undoubtedly been an important factor in finally being able to rebuild lost muscles for the first time in over 22 years.


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    I have had a sleep study (in fact, I've had 4 over the last 6 or 8 years) and have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea.

    I was not getting any of the type of sleep that you need to restore your muscles, etc. All of this has been corrected by sleeping with a CPAP machine as well as oxygen.

    I still wake up VERY stiff and with very fatigued. This is probably due to my age (almost 55) and the fact that I have severe osteoarthritis all over my body, a huge amount of back problems, osteoporosis, and the muscle problems associated with fibro and systemic lupus.

    Those problems account for the stiffness, and the fatigue comes from the side effects of not only all of my health problems (including major heart issues), but the side effects of all of the 24-25 prescription drugs that I must take daily, including muscle relaxers at night to aid in my pain during the night.

    Bad thing is, is that the low energy and stiffness continue throughout the day!

    But, in the morning, it does take me about two hours of sitting with a heating pad, and drinking coffee, of course!, to feel like getting on with my snail's pace of a day!


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    Karatelady52, what are culprits ?
  11. karatelady52

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    The "culprits" or cause of my illness is:

    1. Lyme disease
    2. Epstein-Barr Virus
    3. CMV - Cytomegalovirus
    4. Chlymydia Pneumonia virus

    The lyme disease probably caused a lot of these viruses to become active since many of us as adults already have these viruses in our bodies but they are not active and do not pose a problem.