Low Ferritin/ Blood Iron

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  1. TaniaF

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    Has anyone gone for IV infusions? What are they like? Any side effects?

    Also, has any of your doctors insisted on GI scopes when having low ferritin?

    Just curious,

  2. Timaca

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    iv infusions would not likely be necessary unless you are in extreme iron deficiency or you can't absorb iron.

    I had to take an iron absorption test where I went to the lab fasting, they drew blood, I took an iron tablet then went back to the lab an hour later for another blood draw. They could tell by the iron levels in my blood that I was absorbing iron.

    I never had GI endoscope for my stools were free of blood. Plus my periods were SO heavy that we knew that was the cause of my iron deficiency.

  3. cobie

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    Over the last 4 years I've had at least 6 iron infusions. My ferritin keeps dropping,at one point it was 5. My immunologist likes to keep the ferritin level above 50. I feel best when its between 50 and 80.
    If your Dr won't support getting your ferritin levels up,show them the above article...the vital importance iron levels are.
    The gut is such a complex organ, and with this disease ones gut is allways going to be fragile. Keeping a good healthy gut regime will help but it seems to be no garantee.
    There has been some link between low ferritin and Ems[Electro magnetic fields] disturbing the delicate balance of enzyme production for ferritin. Worth thinking about if you live near overhead powerlines ? cobie
  4. bunnyfluff

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    I had this and suffered anaphylactic shock! It was the MOST painful thing ever! I do not recommend it!

  5. gfbakery

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    I have had low iron throughout my pregnancies, and constantly struggling with low hemoglobin counts.<BR>
    I have been scoped 2 times for celiacs, 11 years ago, and this past summer. The biopsies say 'not celiac', but 7 of my 9 kids have celiac disease....<BR>
    My hemoglobin after my c-section 3.5 years ago was 79; but for no reason at all spring of 2012, it had dropped to 74. I had 3 blood transfusions, but 2 weeks later it was down to 89 again.... (120 is a 'normal place' for me) I had one iron infusion amidst much controversy with the ER doctor, My doc., and the pharmacist... I also has A few more iron injections since May.<BR>
    This past week my CBC results came back... My Ferretin levels have dropped again to 5 (I think 15+ is the low end of normal) and my hemoglobin is at 110...<BR>
    The side effects of iron infusion or iron injections is a drop in blood pressure. Obviously this can result in more serious side effects, but I didn't have any.<BR>
    I decided to 'go gluten free' because of my family history about 7 months ago, but I can't say I feel any different. Any idea's anyone...??<BR>