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    I've had a low fever - 37.1 C (which comes and goes mostly in afternoon)and fatigue for 5 months.All began with low fever and fatigue,which occured after probable flu, but the flu wasn't flu.I went to doctor who concluded that i had a pneumonia and the x-ray also showed something. I started to take medicines and after 1 month all my symptoms still staied. In a couple of months I visited many doctors but no one concluded what is the problem with me and they said that I'm fine.I made many blood test also ecografia of heart and organs around stomach.After 5 month I still feel very tired and lose weight.In the time between 4 and 6 afternoon the temperature rises to 36.9-37.3 and falls after 6.It has also come cough after meal.Some irregular heart rhythms and red spots on elbows were also occured.

    What can be the matter?If someone can help me with some advise I will be extremely grateful.
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    hi sobek. low grade fevers are a problem with many of us on this site. i am one of them. they mysterically went away for one yr. but recently reimerged again. i get really sick and have to go to bed when the fevers hit, until they pass. anti inflammatories used to help them, but not so much anymore. sometimes a good sleep will help.

    hope someone chimes in with some helpful suggestions. but for now, just wanted you to know you are not alone. take care . joanierav
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    Thank you I really appreciate that,but I still hope to find out what's the matter with me.Nevertheless I wish you all the best.
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    Have you been tested for Lyme disease? What about mono? Have you had a full blood panel done ? How is your thyroid function?