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    Anybody feel like they have a low grade all over body inflammation? For me it seems to cause an all over uncomfortble generalized pain. If I didn't have it I would probably be able to go to the gym. I think this is what stops me from wanting to go to the gym. I used to live for the gym!

    Human Models of Low-Grade Inflammation: Bolus versus Continuous Infusion of Endotoxin
    S. Taudorf,* K. S. Krabbe, R. M. G. Berg, B. K. Pedersen, and K. Møller
    Centre of Inflammation and Metabolism, Department of Infectious Diseases and CMRC, University Hospital Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Received 12 October 2006/ Returned for modification 1 December 2006/ Accepted 14 January 2007

    Systemic low-grade inflammation is recognized in an increasing number of chronic diseases. With the aim of establishing an experimental human in vivo model of systemic low-grade inflammation, we measured circulating inflammatory mediators after intravenous administration of Escherichia coli endotoxin (0.3 ng/kg of body weight) either as a bolus injection or as a 4-h continuous intravenous infusion, as well as after saline administration, in 10 healthy male subjects on three separate study days. Only bolus endotoxin caused an increase in heart rate, whereas a slight increase in rectal temperature was observed in both endotoxin groups.

    Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-), interleukin-6, and neutrophil responses were earlier and more pronounced in the bolus trial compared with the infusion trial results, whereas lymphocytes increased after endotoxin bolus injection as well as infusion without any difference between groups. Finally, endotoxin activated the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis slightly earlier in the bolus compared to the infusion trial. The continuous endotoxin infusion model may be more representative of human low-grade inflammation than the bolus injection model due to a less dynamic and more sustained increase in circulating levels of inflammatory mediators over time.

    In conclusion, low-dose endotoxin infusion elicits an inflammatory response, as assessed by a rise in TNF-, and the responses are significantly different according to whether low-dose endotoxin is applied as a bolus injection or as a continuous infusion.

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    I'm not sure if I have all-over the body inflamation or not; I do know that my body is "sore" to the touch; my hips, thighs, lets, arms, everywhere, is so sore. I have not been diagnosed with anything regarding this kind of soreness, except the FM. I do have lower back problems that I now am getting injections for but it doesn't help the soreness.

    I do take 1 anti-inflammatory med each night.

  3. Forebearance

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    Wow, they poisoned healthy men to see how their bodies got inflamed? What a lovely experiment!

    Well, I thought that chronic low-grade inflammation was standard with having CFS. I certainly have had it.

    Considering that Gulf War Illness has found to be caused by neurotoxins, and that Dr. Shoemaker thinks CFS and FM are caused by neurotoxins, I would say it makes sense that our bodies are inflamed. We're poisoned. Of course we're inflamed.

    Since I've been trying to avoid toxic mold and get the accumulated mold toxins out of me, I have been feeling a lot less of the all over uncomfortable generalized pain. It makes my quality of life a lot better. I don't feel half dead all the time.


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