Low grade fever, anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SoxFan, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. SoxFan

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    I have been ill with CFIDS for 2 1/2 years, and have had a low grade fever (99 - 99.5) through most of it. My "normal" temp had always been below 98.6.

    Fever is not listed by the CDC as a primary symptom, so I was wondering if many of you have this symptom.
  2. R-Nelda

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    Hi Soxfan,

    I have had CFIDS for 9 years now. I have had the low grade fever off and on the whole time. My throat is also sore and the neck glands swollen during that time.

    I have got to the point that I just give any symptoms a month or two to clear up before I head back to the Dr. Then chalk it up to the CFIDS & FM when it goes away. That is usually what it is. It is a very frustrating illness!

    Fever is not listed as a primary symptom but if you research further, you'll find that it is a symptom.

    Hope it makes you feel better to know your not alone!
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  4. maggiemae55

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    every day, usually between 99.5 and 100.3 dr's find no cause. it's very frustrating!!!!!!!!!

  5. dononagin

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    My temp is always either too low.. 97ish or high.. 99ish..
    Seems like when my lymph nodes are up it runs high!
  6. I also run a low grade temp alot of the times the last couple years on and off. No one has an explanation for it.
  7. SoxFan

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    Thanks, but that's the wrong Sox - - I'm a RED Sox fan!

    I am rooting for the White Sox this year, though! You guys are in the same boat we were in - haven't won it in a really long time! At least your team doesn't have a CURSE to overcome (lol)!

    (Sorry for going off on a baseball tangent.....)
  8. rockyjs

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    Whenever I ran a low-grade fever my Epstein-Barr antibodies were elevated. The rest of the time it's about 97.5.

  9. renae1979

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    My normal temp is also around 97.5 or so and I have a tendancy to have constant low grade fever. I am so glad to see I'm not alone in this!! I also seem to have constant sinus congestion, sore throat, cold/flu symptoms, etc. and get frequent sinus infections. Lately my fever has seemed worse and makes my head, scalp and neck feel like they are burning up and even hot to the touch. I have always just assumed that with FM/CFS my immune system was weakened so I am pretty much always sick with something.
  10. Alyndra

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    If I run a temp of 98, I have to consider that to be my body's version of a low grade fever. 100 and I'm on my way to the hospital.

    95.9 - 96.3 is my 'normal' range. After being told time and time again by different doctors that although be it 'abnormal' - it's not unheard of. I honestly can't say I've ever pursued an explanation as to why my body temp is so low. It's just ALWAYS been that way.

    Lately I have been getting up to 97.7, and I have been having a really bad time with EVERYTHING hurting all at once. So maybe there is something more to the low grade fever thing!

  11. dontlikeliver

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    I replied to a similar post some time back, and I think that basically what I replied then was:

    Fever is NOT normal, it is a sign of infection. You need to find out what that infection is.

    Over the 14 years I was misdiagnosed with CFS and Fibro, while in fact I had chronic Lyme disease all along, I have had a fever regularly every since......one year I had a fever for 9 months straight.

    if you're a female you may also notice that you are worse and get those low-grade temps about a week before your period, until just about the first or second day of your period, perhaps followed by a 'better' 2-3 weeks. It is caused by raised Estrogen levels, which lower immunity, allowing the bacteria to 'have a party', thus producing exagerrated symptoms.

    Read up on chronic Lyme disease. Sx are same as Fibro/CFS and INCLUDE low-grade temps (just as of course misdiagnosed Fibro/CFS would also, when caused by chronic infection).

  12. JLH

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    A low grade fever is one sign of lupus.

    I don't experience low grade fevers even though I have systemic lupus.

    Maybe your system has just changed in the last 2-1/2 years since you developed cfs, and that is just your "normal" body temp now.
  13. busybusymom

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    Hi SoxFan,

    I recently saw a endocrinologist and he asked if I had been running a fever because I have CFIDS. I told him I really didn't know, I don't take it, he poo-pooed me even having CFS. Needless to say, I won't be seeing him again!!

    I have read that low-grade fever is common, may not be a main symptom, by is very common. Also swollen lymph glands - which I have from my ear which runs under the chin. Everytime I wash my face, ouch!! - so maybe I am running a low-grade as well.

    My kids are about the same as yours - 15, 12, and 8-1/2. Mine can be a big help when I need them; hope yours are, too!! It's really hard saying "no" to them and not being able to do family functions with them all the time, but when I am able to, I really appreciate it!!

  14. busybusymom

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    That's interesting about the EBV antibodies and low-grade temp relationship. My titer has been skyrocketed for five years!! My latest test showed a reactivated infection.

    You all got me thinking that I better take my temp!!

    By the way, Goooo Astros!! (Sorry White Sox fans!!!)