Low grade fever for 3 months

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  1. Hi, just joined and have no where else to turn for possible answers. I was a healthy, active young mom of two kids under 3. During the last few weeks of October 2014 i developed a sinus infection (fever, congestion) and got a zpak from my dr and the fever went away And came back on the last day so I waited a week and the fever still didn't go away and I was still sick with sinus pressure but no congestion. The dr put me on levaquin and by the 3rd day I wasn't eating and I got very nauseous & started getting chills/shaking with numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. So I went in the next day and dr switched me to clindamycin and did a chest X-ray and sinus xray and everythkng was clear. I also started some prednisone and I'm not sure what was going on but I was unable to eat, was getting chills/whole body shaking. This whole time the fever has gone as high as over 101. But I've usually been 99.8-99.3. My normal--back when I was healthy temp used to be 97.8-98.3.
    During November I lost 12 lbs (I started at 133 and dropped to 121)and wasn't able to eat at all and actually started getting blood in my stool. We did a emergency ct scan that showed thickening of my distal colon and a regular cyst on my kidney. But everything else was unremarkable. So we did a colonoscopy which was unremarkable as well. A small hyperplastic polyp that was removed. But my symptoms still persisted. I've had neck/shoulder pain so I've also done a lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis. I get headaches more frequently than I ever have in my life. I'm constantly tired and I don't know if it's from the fever. My appetite came back once I was off all the meds during December. But I definitely had days where my appetite would just be gone.
    I've seen an ent that has told me there's nothing wrong with my sinuses. I've been seeing an infectious dz dr that claims it's just something "viral" and it will "burn itself out eventually" I'm in my 3rd month here with this fever that will not break. I was off work for 2 months since I've essentially been bedridden. But since all my blood work has consistently been coming back "normal" all of my drs advised me to suck it up and get back to work.
    Sorry for such a long story. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, has anyone had a persistent low grade fever associated with their CFS? My ebv antibodies were high showing that I did have an active ebv infection like mono at some point in my life, but wasn't showing an active infection now.
    If you've had fevers with your Cfs how are you handling them? I've tried drinking tons of water and I'm tired of having to take tylenol and advil to only bring it down 0.1-0.3degrees!
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    Hi Fevermom, welcome to the board. I am not a doctor but a fellow board member, sorry to hear about all your symptoms and no answers.

    I wanted to share w you that my Husband once had a prolonged fever of unknown origin. he had weakness, loss of appetite/weight and joint pain. After many specialists, His final diagnosis was thyroiditis. Have they worked you up for that? His was finally identified w a CT of His upper body which showed the affected thyroid.

    Additionally also wanted to share that low magnesium levels can cause nausea, loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss. It will also cause severe muscle cramping. Meds such as Nexium or any PPI type drug can lower mag levels Have they checked your level?

    Do you have copies of all your blood work? If not you may want to consider requesting them and reviewing the results yourself. I have learned, that when it comes to trying to find solutions to tricky health problems, you have to be your advocate.

    Best of luck finding answers and feeling better
  3. Hi Lincamp,
    Thanks for your insight! I've had my cortisol, thyroid, and hormones checked and all came back normal. Aside from the antibiotics and steroids I have never been on any medication Or supplements. I've had a ct done of my brain and abdomen, but not the area from my chest up to my head (chest/neck) my go dr is performing an endoscopy to see how my stomach and small intestines look.
    Unfortunately I can't find any pattern in all my bloodwork! It's so frustrating. All I can do is pray that the fevers eventually subside. Thank you again for your concern.
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    Hi constantfevermom,

    Since conventional medicine has not been able to help you, I would seek out a Functional Medicine or Integrative Medicine Doctor who will look very seriously for the root cause(s) of all you symptoms.

    Of course things like leukemia and lymphoma should be ruled out, and hopefully they have already done that.

    You should be evaluated for infections like Lyme Disease, and a number of other related infections.

    Chronic Lyme disease can cause fatigue, neck and shoulder pain, fever, headaches and many other symptoms.

    Unfortunately 99% of doctors really know nothing about chronic lyme disease or how to diagnose or treat it.

    Even Infectious Disease Drs are clueless and say that it does not exist or is not a big deal.

    You should be aware that Lyme tests are notoriously inaccurate. Many people with Lyme disease have only ever tested negative....but conventional doctors believe the tests. Many people with Lyme disease do not remember even having a tick bite or seeing a tick.

    Don't settle for doctors who give up because they are unable to find the cause of your illness and just tell you to suck it up.

    How to find a functional medicine practitioner:


    Lyme disease info:




    There are also doctors who are called LLMD's (Lyme literate MD's). You can find those through local Lyme disease support groups, and by posting on the "Seeking a Doctor Board" on lymenet.org

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