Low-grade fevers

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    I came down with CFS last Summer after a virus that landed me in the hospital with a WBC of 1.7. Ever since, I have run low-grade temperatures around 99.0 - 99.8. My temp doesn't go up til about 5:00 in the afternoon and stays up til about 8:00. I just wondered if other CFS sufferers also had this. I have had test after test after test -- Dr. says CFS is the only thing it could be as he has ruled out everything else. Just wanted to hear from other people with CFS concerning this symptom.
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    I have FM/CPS and I have low grade temps all the time. The higher the temp. is, the more pain and yuckier I feel. Also, I had a complete hysterectomy in Feb. 01. It was down hill from there, the doctor almost didn't do the surgery because of high unexplained blood count. I found out from the surgery that I had severe endometriosis and didn't know it. Has anyone had chronic back pain along that was made extremely worse because of fm/cps? Thank you, kayice.
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    I have CFS/FMS/CMP as well as arthritis, disc problems and other conditions -- have been having fevers ranging from 99-101. They seem to come whenever I overdue it...just a trip to the grocery store or doing laundry will bring them on for a few days and I also feel yucky, more weak and dizzy. I've been told it can be from the CFS/FMS and also from the inflammation of the arthritis but last time I had WBC it was ok. Mine do seem to go up in the late afternoon and makes me go to bed early. I'm trying to deal with it like all the other ups and downs of this DD. One thing that seems to help a little is to drink a lot of water when the temp goes up.

    Blessings to you for a feverless day.

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