low-intensity exercise

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    There are many medical conditions which make it difficult for people to exercise.
    For CFS/FM low-intensity exercise is recommended.
    Examples of low-intensity exercise include -- Tai Chi, Water Aerobics, Gentle Yoga.
    A physical therapist who specializes in helping people with CFS/FM can help.
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    I have CFS and know I need movement of my body.. My house chores are about all I can manage and at times not even that. Its hard when you don't feel well enough to go to a gym or a physical therapist to do exercise. I have tried to walk for 5 min. at a time and that puts me down for days..

    So if I am able to shower on certain days, do small house chores , laundry and fixing a meal every now and then I feel that is all and more than I can do..

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