Low Libido!!

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  1. Kloet4

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    I was just wondering how many of you also suffer from Low Sex Drive. I always had a low libido. But is seems over the last few months it has just taken a turn for the worst. Is there anything that I can do to reclaim this back? I can not even seem to get my mind wrapped around the idea, Thankful that I have a wonderful husband. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Another questions is has anyone had facial discoloration? I started with patches on my two cheeks and now my mother tells me that I have the pregnancy mask. That is discoloration around the mouth. I have mentioned it to my family doctor and he is sending me to a dermatologist. Others tell me it is again hormone related. Again any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a great day and God Bless.

  2. suz41

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    I can't say I'm having difficulties in the libido departemnt but as I was reading your post I began to wonder if your problem could very much be hormonal. I can't remember the name offhand for the facial discolorations however, do a web search I think you will find that it is often caused by a hormnal imblance. You may want to talk to your Gynecologist about it as well as your sexual concerns he/she may be able to help with it once they determine whats out of whack. Hang in there.

  3. Wolverine

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    I often get it. I think alot of us do and its mostly due to the fact that low energy and below par health generally = low libido. As is such that good health mostly = good libido. :) It can be due to different things for us. Mostly the low energy, but low or unbalanced hormones play a part often, some medications, poor blood circulation is a big factor (hence why viagra works to allow more blood flow to the genital area), depression often makes it low (also anti-depressants can often kill it - theres a catch 22 :) Infections often effect bio-chemistry including libido. Specially if you have candida which often resides in the genital tract.

    Best to get hormone levels checked, check medications you are taking with your Dr to see if they could be interfereing, check for infecitons etc. The best thing i have found that helps is a combination herbal formula. There are heaps around these days and the good ones work very well. These formulas often contain: Tribulus (root AND fruit) - (make sure its at least 5000mg), Panax ginseng, ginko, zinc, horny goat weed, potency wood, cayenne pepper, etc. They often also help peripheral circulation which is a bonus. You can get these at any health shop and some supermarkets. Have a try! :)

  4. shazz

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    I am almost 47 and have totally lost it.
    My hubby is so deprived he is getting depraved.
    I know they say women can take viagra, did nothing for me.
    I even went on some transdermal testosterone to go with my estrogen and still nothing. I think I might have driven a little worse LOL is all.
    You don't say how old you are?
    Maybe it could be a hormonal thing, never hurts to have it checked out.
    You will find lots of ladies on this board are experiencing the same thing, and actually most of my girlfriends who don't even have fibro are the same way.
    Don't know what to tell you.
    I ordered a free sample of that Avlimil off the net, and it hasn't done anything for me yet either.
    Shoulda been a nun. : )

  5. JannyW

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    hi Lisa,
    My libido is pretty low also ... probably due to all the meds I'm on, and maybe menopause. I saw an ad on TV for a non-hormonal, herbal supplement called "Avimil" ... you might want to check it out.

    Jan ^v^
  6. bakron

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    With this "DD," many of us probably face loss of libido for differing reasons. Have you discussed this concern with your primary provider?

    Following are the most common reasons for loss of libido:

    1. Stressed out and tired - help: eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, sleep at least eight hours a night, and exercise regularly.

    2. Don't have time for sex - help: need to make time.

    3. Unhappy with your relationship - help: talk with partner, marriage therapy.

    4. Feeling worried, afraid or anxious - help: therapist.

    5. Don't enjoy sex with your partner - help: try talking with partner . .

    6. Have an issue with your body - too fat, too thin, small breast, etc., etc. help: fix what you can, see a therapist / psychologist for what you can't fix.

    7. Have depression - "75% of people with depression report a loss of sex drive" - (and, we find that taking medication to help, hurts!) help: medication.

    8. Are taking medication (certain types of the following): birth control pills, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, blood pressure medication, and other medications. help: talk to you doctor to see if there is a connection. Do not stop taking any medication without talking to your doctor. Maybe there is an alternative medication.

    9. Are pregnant or have just had a baby - help: express yourself completely ... and don't forget to let your partner know when your libido returns.

    10. Are getting older - changes in body and body function. This is normal. Be open with your partner, chances are he/she is feeling some of the same things you are.

    11. Have a medical condition - metabolic (thyroid, hormone, etc.), or other conditions. Speak with doctor about medication or treatment that might help.

    12. Have been sexually abused - Referral, call the Rape, Abuse and Incest Network (RAINN), at 800/656-4673

    13. Hiding something - Therapy
  7. scottabir

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    He hardly ever gets "any". In fact we are on the search for something to "kill" his libido while we work on getting my back. This totally sucks.

    Facial discoloration:
    Nope, just blotchy skin which comes with being a redhead. At least it does with me anyway.

  8. Jen F

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    low libido, esp on any SSRI medication.

    But, I was grateful for that side effect in recent times, cause too tired to be randy... and got so much stuff to try and catch up on.

    If you are ever on an SSRI, and experience sexual dysfn, consider going on to St. john's wort which boosts serotonin but doesn't have the side effects.

    If you aren't on an SSRI, could be exhaustion or a hormonal problem or a psychological problem in the marriage.

    With "well" people, some types of exercising can bring up the sex drive. Also, sometimes romantic movies can get you in the mood.

    If that doesn't work...maybe a little time and space apart would rekindle the fires?

    Good luck, hope you sort things out.
  9. mstg

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    This thing is very upsetting. I have always been a very passionate and sexual person until about 4 years ago. I caught my husband cheating and divorced him, and then I got the DD thing about the same time. So I dont know if it was because I was so hurt by the divorce or the dd. Im only 45, and Im told Im very attractive but not only do I not have a desire for a relationship no one ask me out. Of course that could be because I never go out since Im never well enough to really go out for enjoyment. I think a realtionship with a loving man might be very helpful. But as you can see I have a whole issue with that.

    I also had the brown patches it was mostly my upper lip. I started being careful in the sun with my face and it went away, and I also had my estrogen changed. I also went to a dermatologist and we biopsied a place under my eye and he said it was from the sun. But I know what your talking about. I also had laser resurfacing on my whole face about three years ago.
    God Bless...Trish
  10. FibroNan

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    I used to be very "frisky" but now I'm hardly ever in the mood. I believe my problem is caused by 3 things.
    1. Paxil
    2. Paxil
    3. Paxil

  11. zggygirl

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    Low DHEA. He went on a lot about the sex drive part quite a bit when my test results came back very low. I didn't even bring up the problem. Heck I thought it was normal I've felt no drive for so long :)
    He prescribed one by a compounding pharmacy. 50mg @ day.
    I have a very sensitive stomach and it doesn't bother mine.
    He also strongly believes in Oxytocin. But he said first I need the "drive" and then the response -ie; oxytocin. he also said that it is a great pain reliever-like having 10 orgasams at once. But without DHEA first-nothing.
    Hope you get some answers & results soon!
    Ziggy PS I haven't been on it long enough to tell you if it helped me :-(
  12. kalina

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    Hi, Lisa!

    I think this is a pretty common problem with those of us with these DDs. I remember those days before I became ill when it wasn't a problem, and now... nothing. My poor husband! (Mine's wonderful too, but we both still wish things could be the way they were before my illness.)

    I can't answer your question about the facial discoloration (and I'm not sure how much the dermatologist will be able to help you). But I can tell you that for me, my low libido seems to be related to two things: 1) minimal energy and NO endurance, and 2) something's gone horribly wrong with my hormone levels. The results of my tests show the major hormones that the body needs to "get in the mood" are WAY low -- estrogen, testosterone and DHEA.

    During the last year or so, we have been trying to get those numbers up with hormone supplementation (patches and creams), but follow-up test results have show very little improvement (not nearly enought to make any difference!).

    When we finally ran tests for hypercoagulation (ISAC and HTRP) in April, we found several major problems, which I believe explains why the hormone supplements are not being absorbed, among other things. With treatment for the hypercoagulation, etc., it makes sense that I'll eventually be able to make some progress correcting the hormonal balance.

    I know the hypercoagulation issue won't apply to everybody, but low hormones themselves can and will contribute to a low libido. Have you had your hormone levels checked lately? An endocrinologist, rather than a dermatologist, may be able to provide more answers for you.

    (Jen, I'm SO glad I'm not on SSRIs. I've taken them before and remember what THAT was like!)

    Sorry for rambling, but maybe some of this info will help. Hope you find a solution!

  13. JannyW

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    I had the name of that non-prescription supplement wrong -- it is "Avlimil" and they have a website.

    Jan ^v^

  14. IngaDinga

    IngaDinga New Member

    but low libido means no desire or low desire for sex right? Does it also mean an inability to orgasm or is that sexual dysfunction?

    Are they two different things? And what if you suddenly find yourself with an inability to achieve orgasm...what does that mean? Part of this DD or something else to worry about?

    Again, sorry if this is too graphic.....it's just something I have been wondering about lately...
  15. klutzo

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    Before fibro my high sex drive was the stuff of legends! I am not kidding. As soon as I got fibro, it was like someone had turned off a light switch. One day high sex drive, next day zero sex drive. The only time it has ever come back in 17 yrs is once when I had a huge injection of cortisone and my sex drive, and everything else, came back for 3 whole weeks. I have tried many hormonal and herbal preps with no results. Luckily, my husband has Peyronne's disease and is on blood pressure meds, so it is not bothering him as much as it used to.
    Anyone with brown or other dark facial discoloration should see an Endocrinologist and be tested for possible Addison's Disease (complete adrenal failure). When it comes back negative, as it probably will, go to Dr. Poesnecker's chronicfatigue web site and read about adrenal fatigue, the intermediate stages of adrenal failure, and how they relate to this illness and what we can do about it. I have brown on my cheeks and neck. People with Addison's usually have it on elbows, heels and inside lips as well. This illness puts incredible stress on the adrenals.
  16. Jen F

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    Ingadinga - low libido means low interest in sex.

    Inability to orgasm is one type of sexual dysfunction - and one frequently caused by SSRI's or excess alcohol.

    You wrote: "And what if you suddenly find yourself with an inability to achieve orgasm...what does that mean? Part of this DD or something else to worry about? "

    If you didn't have problems before, I would suspect medication or the illness.

    I am often just too tired to achieve, even off SSRI's.

    Perhaps kegel exercises might be of help.
  17. IngaDinga

    IngaDinga New Member

    I am seeing an endocrinologist. She says my testosterone is very low and has started me on that. Maybe it will make a difference.

    Wonder if it could have anything to do with autonomic dysfunction? Probably not.
  18. zggygirl

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    When my doctor saw that my dhea test showed way low, he asked if I had an orgasam when I had sex and when I said yes he seemed very surprised. So I guess in his mind they do go together because as I posted before he thinks that DHEA causes low sex drive.
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  19. bitter-sweet

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    My sex drive is practically nil too. Like you, I never really had a high sex drive, but this is ridiculous. I also have a wonderful husband, but he has needs, and loves me very much. We make it a point to take the time for each other, like a date. I think that's important even if you are both well.
    As far as you patches on your face, you did not say if they are brown, pink, or otherwise. My sister started with brown patches on her face in her late 30's, and the dermatologist told her it was a form of adult acne. I also know a person that had redness, and he was told it was rosacea. Lupus can also cause what is called a "butterfly rash" across the cheeks. And finally, yes it can be related to hormaones, female and other endocrine changes. None of this is meant to scare you, but only demonstrates how much of a work-up you should have to determine the cause.
    God Bless