Low lymphocytes, monocytes eosinophils mean anything?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hugo, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Hugo

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    I was lookng at my blood work and noticed something that may or may not have a correlation with my fatigue and even high Epstein Barr and CMV titers.

    My blood work showed the following:


    This was from the same blood work that showed my EBV IgG's at VCA 2.48 and EBNA 2.85.

    Thanks for any help with this question!
  2. roge

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    Hi Hugo,

    your low Lympocytes , while maybe not overly worrisome, are still low none the less and out of range and you have lymphopenia as i do...I have well below normal CD4 and CD8 counts (types of lymphocytes) as well...

    why are they low? , good question but low WBC, especially Lymphocytes can be low due to a chronic virus, other reasons are Lupus, some drugs, bone marrow cancer, and a few other I cant remember off top of my head

    what are your neutrophil counts?

    what is your over all WBC count?

    anything under 4 is low as mine are, but wouldnt get overly concerned until under 3....

    whole other topic is how to increase WBC and Lympoctes in particular, Im amazed doctors never have any answers for this....mushrooms (reiki, shitake) and AHCC have been reported to increase WBC...


  3. Hugo

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    MCD...it is very helpful...thank you.

    #1. All other parameters were normal, the only things in the entire blood test that were abnormal were the EBV titers and the lympho, momo and eosinophils I posted.

    #2. absolute neutrophils within range, neutrophils in range at 87.2

    The convential physicians (ENT, Infectious disease and allergist) that read this blood work saw nothing wrong with those CBC counts.

    roge .... I am going to the FFC this week for my first appointment, I do believe I've had a viral infection based on 2 things:

    a. The high EBV titers on this 2007 test my allergist had done(as well as high CMV titers on a 2003 Mayo Clinic test)

    b. When my ENT perscribed me Famvir 500, in exactly 12 days I felt better than I had since I went down in 2001 with this daily fatigue/daily headache/irritabilty/heat sensitivity/neck & back stiffness.

    Therefore, I do believe I've had a chronic viral infection since 2001 and since I keep relapsing I'm getting tested at the FFC to make sure I fully undefrstand what is going on. It would make sense to me that if a chronic viral infection could influence those low parameters, that there is a correlation.

    1. My overall white blood cell cont is within range at 6.1, neutrophils within range as well.

    2. I have been researching and strrongly considering the shrooms. I decided to hold off on all supplements (I take a ton) until I go to the FFC.

    Thanks again, both of you!