low natural killer cell activity

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    I have recently done a series of lab tests and the main problem i have is that my NK cell activity is low(it's 3.23 where normal level should be above 20). This is believed to be the main cause of my CFS. Because since these cells are not active, viruses such as EBV and CMV flair up all the time and i am always tired, because my immune system is always fighting old infections.

    all i am getting recommended by my alternative doctor is these chinese mushrooms(Shitake, Reishi, Cordyceps) and also Colustrom....
    also, tried a expensive product called Pro-Boost for a few weeks which has done nothing really

    wanted to know if anyone has been able to over come this and if you can recommend any remedies other than chinese mushrooms which is partially effective, but i am looking for better results.

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    my NK activity is very very low. It is 5 but on my scale it is 52-130. How many packs of Proboost did you take a day? I have been on it for 5 weeks now and plan to do it for 8 weeks. So far no improvement. I am interested it what I can do to raise these levels..Sorry I dont have any help, but I am in the same boat.
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    To reduce my viral load I used Monolaurin for about 6 months or so. I've heard that Olive Leaf Extract is also good. Both might make you herx.

    If you try the Monolaurin, I would suggest starting slowly to avoid a major herx reaction.

    I also use Samento for Lyme Disease to kill off the bacteria.

    I'm not sure, but I don't think the ProBoost is as effective until you've reduced your viral load. Just my observation, as I use ProBoost now and have found it very helpful to increase my energy.

    The Monolaurin I used was in capsules and can be bought over the web as a supplement.

    After stopping the Monolaurin for a few months, I used Valtrex for a couple of months to continue to reduce any viral load. Then I tried the ProBoost.

    Good luck,
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    is that the low NK counts ( which are characteristic of all of us here ) are due to our immune systems being suppressed by chronic infections , primarily LYME and mycoplasma , which are INTRACELLULAR bacterial parasites
    that reside INSIDE our white cells . Thw white cells are the very cells that are supposed to PROTECT us from infection, yet they are infected themselves .

    This usually requires longterm antibiotic therapy supervised by a DOC who has studied the most effective
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    Thanks Guys, keep em coming..
    I will look into MonoLaurin. thx Kris

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    is these viruses are what is called stealth viruses. Do a search on stealth viruses, for a better understanding what is going on. The is no instant cure, or any cure for that matter. What your aiming to do is get virus suppression. When you have more than one virus, it makes it much more difficult to achieve that.

    Look at the transfer factors. They at least work to retrain your immune system to reconize the viruses, and suppress them. None of this happens quickly. Medical mushrooms are very good, I wouldn't quit them. Hang in the!

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    Research on IP-6

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    anybody experience with Biobran MGN3?

    I just read about it - realise its desperately expensive - and they say you have to keep taking it for it to be effective - but it sure seems to be effective....
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    About MGN3
    From what i understand, it is no longer sold, due to FDA pulling it off the shelfs in 2004. Reason was it claimed to triple the activity of NK cells, and according to FDA, it did not, so the claim was fales... so they pulled it off.

    But it did improve the NK cell activity, just not tripled it... i think that was a little too harsh of FDA.. they should have just fined them.
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    I had never heard of MGN3 till yesterday ....and checked it out. The biobran brand is still being sold - at least in the UK it is ......but its very expensive. The reason it was withdrawn was because the manufacturer apparently claimed that it cured Aids, cancer etc or something like that .....but it does in fact triple the activity of NK cells ......you can type it into google and you'll get the info

    .....just thought it's interesting..

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    Hi Mash,
    I'm with you on low NK count. Mine was 5.6 in a reference range of 20-50. Also had a bout with breast cancer...hmmmmm, could there be a connection?

    I started treatment in May at the Cleveland FFC. Here's what they are treating me with so far for the NK:

    Stimulates immune function, including natural killer cells (NK cells), for improved ability to fight infections and decrease cancer risk. Contains Zinc 10 mg., Arabinogalactin (from Western Larch Tree) 640 mg., Olive Leaf Extract 400 mg., and Aloe Vera Concentrate 160 mg. Long been studied for its role in general immune system and energy stimulation.

    Oxidative IV:
    Used to kill viruses, bacteria, yeast, stimulates immunity, and improves mitochondrial function. Made up of dilute hydrogen peroxide magnesium chloride, manganese, DMSO.

    Also taking various other supplements that help such as:
    Multi with green superfoods
    CoQ10, antioxidant, supports mitochondria

    About the Chinese mushrooms: my ND had me using these throughout my active cancer treatment phase, and I'm sure that it helped. I didn't use colustrum, but did use Whey protein...still using it.

    Take care, enjoy today,
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    Thanks Everyone,

    i am also doing Hydrogen Peroxide I.V
    Today i will be getting my 5th one,
    it has helped , i can feel it.... my heart palpitations which is due to the CMV virus is pretty much gone since after the 3rd I.V.... the only problem is Hydrogen Peroxide's effects are temporary, it does kill off a lot of infections, but since the virus is always there , it is only a matter of time before they multiply again...

    however, my goal is once i get the viruses weakend using the Hydrogen Peroxide, to do more excersise, which i have already started slowly and get my NK cell activity up the way it naturally goes up(with excercise)... so basically, Hydrogen Peroxide buys me some time to be healthy and gives me a chance to get more active...

    I also, considered using HGH therapy, but met a man who used it for 2 1/2 years, and when he stopped he almost died, so i have decided not to use it for now... <br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 06/16/2005</i>]
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    I started slow and am still dying. What does this mean, exactly? Am I to the point where I am so toxic that I cannot get well? I am so flared up on such a small level of this stuff. Wondering what ultimately happened to you on this.&lt;BR&gt;