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    When I did great plains lab organic acid test which tests for yeast, bacteria, and a bunch of other stuff like oxalates- I tested very high for oxalates- wondered if others have looked into this? The autism folks follow this diet--but lots of links that those with Fibro test high for oxalates according to great plains labs. I have alot more going on then fibro, but interesting that I test very high for oxalates.

    Antibiotics (which I 've not taken-but now considering given how ill I have become with explosion of neurodegen symptoms) deplete the bacteria needed to keep oxalates in check.

    Anyone tried a low oxalate diet? I'm pretty desperate right now given how ill I am-- seems like all the stuff I eat (primarily low carb) is high oxalates! i.e. almonds, blueberries, beets , greens- pretty hard diet to combine with gluten free but maybe I should try it given how desperate I am right now to stop the neurodegen that is going on.
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    a couple years ago i was going to try that diet but had just taken the alcat food sens test after briefly working with dr cheney and since there were so many restrictions from that I just followed what it allowed me instead.
    I have researched porphyria lately and think that I could have something like that, it fits some of my idiosyncracies, and I do crave carbs and do better w/carbs and sugar in some ways.
    When I am having a hard time doing some hard diet never helps but eating good food andallowing some treats does.
    Eliminating dairy and wheat helps and bad things like aspartame and really processed stuff.
    Sorry you are in bad way, got pain treatment first,I have to deal with that before I go forward.
    Last night baclofen took edge off bad pain flare and helped me sleep in small dose 1mg liquid, maybe less, new thing, tried a year ago and didnt like the mood it creatd but didnt try it more than a day. I am thinking for spinal flares it may be ok,will see. am chilling on the doxy as it made me feel worse and already in a flare, may pulse it far apart or try echinecea or artesunate pulsed again, but art flares me too.
    Sorry you arent feeling well! hang in there winter is almost done.