Low Oxygen Levels at Night, Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. greatgran

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    My doctor called yesterday and wanted to put me on oxygen at night, due to my low oxygen levels from a pulse-ox overnight reading...

    I was shocked, but started the oxygen last night, will do another pulse-ox test in a couple of nights with oxygen..
    Take the reading in and the doc will take it from there, I feel sure she will order more test as to the cause..such as cardic work up and a sleep study etc..

    Could this be a part of CFS or could the low oxygen cause the symptoms of CFS..My levels are ok during the day they just drop at night that is for now..

    Anyone with this problem or know anything about this?

  2. PolarBear

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    Hi Greatgran,

    Yes, as a matter of fact I have had low oxygen levels. They discovered mine after I had pneumonia back in 2005. I went home on oxygen. They would test me at home and my levels would go down when I went without the oxygen. This went on for several months after I had recovered from the pneumonia. Long story short, I wound up being referred to a pulmonologist and sleep doctor and he had me do an overnight sleep study and found out that I had extremely severe apnea/hypopnea. So, I sleep with a CPAP machine religously every night. As a matter of fact, I've been feeling tired again, so I'm going to call and request another overnight (at home oximetry) test to see if my levels are ok. I have an appt. with the doc again in a few weeks. I do think this has something to do with our illness. Sure seems to be a common thing.

    I hope this helps . . . it's good you are getting it checked out!

  3. infogirl

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    I am recently dx with FM and have been racking my brain to think of any times I've felt no pain symptoms. I realized that one of the only times in the last two years or so was when I went to Colorado Springs, CO last year.
    I went on business (didn't know I had FM) and after a few days up in the mountains, I realized one day how light and carefree my body felt. I thought I had arthritis at that time and had heard that it helped...so I was thrilled. Sadly, it was short-lived when I came home, the pain started.
    Long story short, I have been researching oxygen therapy articles and it has been shown to improve pain symptoms. They also mentioned ozone therapy too. I'm not saying that it works...just that there is research being done on it and you may be right that low oxygen absorbion could be part of the cause of our illness.
    I have a hot tub that has an ozone generator in it and I am going to try an experiment of using it twice a day for a 30 day period to see if I have any relief. I am in constant pain in my elbow, hip, and knee joints as well as constant arm and leg cramps. I really don't enjoy taking meds, so realizing that Tylenol Arthritis doesn't really help, I am going to try anything that makes sense.
    I will keep you all posted and thank everyone here on this board for the continued support and listening.

    Be well..

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