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  1. sscalpine

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    Has anyone had any problems with low platelet counts my platelet count has been hovering between 37,000 and 65,000 for almost the past 2 years (Normal low is 140,000). my hematologist believes its all the meds. At the present i am on Trazadone, Wellbutrin, Vioxx, MS Contin, Xanax, Synthroid and Nexium. i recently began Effexor and my count dropped 30,000 over a one month period. My doctor wants me to stop a lot of these meds. has anyone had this problem and if so stopped meds and had improvement. I bruise easily but do not bleed excessively. i have also had Lyme disease several times and there are some who feel that may be the casue. anyone else out there experiencing any of this?
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    I just looked at my recent blood work and my platletts are high. these lab tests are hard to understand!
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    thanks for the info judy. used to be a lab tech i know that having a high platelet count is something else entirely. as far as i can remember the the normal ranges are 140,000 to 400,000. depending on when the bloopd is tested also affects the count. if left too long or exposed to temp. extremes lab results can vary from the norm. who knows your meds may be causing that. none of us know what the combination of all these meds we take are doing to us and how many of our symptoms are actually side effects of the medications themselves.