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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elizabethia, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. elizabethia

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    ok heres something i have noticed about myself.. i live in north carolina where we have hurricanes... which brings in low pressure systems... well when this happens i feel so much worse... like today for instance... theres this system "fabian" out there bringing clouds and cooler weather here... and i woke up this morning and could barely move and feel yucky .. i thought lately here i was working on feeling a little better... anyways its a little something to think about ... take it easy
  2. brneyedgrl

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    Hello. I live in Missouri and my niece lived in North Carolina. I went out to visit her about four times when she lived in North Carolina she was stationed at Cherry Point near New Bern. Everytime I went out to see her I would come back sick. Couldn't figure out why. I would start havin the pain worse and IBS and sinus infections. One night I was watching the Health channel and it was on something called Diagnosis unknown. It talked about pfiesteria. Have you ever heard of this? All of the symptoms is alot like FM an CFS. Anyway it is something that the fish have and it causes sores on the fish. I looked it up on the internet and alot of fishermen where having weird symptoms from this. While we was down there my son and husband was fishing in the New Bern river. After we got back my son had a sore in his head. I was just wondering if you new anything about this. I called my niece which now lives back in Missouri and she said when she was down there, there was reports on the news about the fish dying and it showed pictures of all of these dead fish in the rivers. Its caused by some kind of algae in the river, something like the red tide.If you know any information on this please let me know.best of luck.

  3. mamashome

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    when the barometeric pressure falls i can tell. I can predict rain two days prior. Believe it or not last year when the hurricane was hitting the gulf last oct. i could feel the effects up here in indiana, i swear by it. My dr. has called me a walking barometer. mama
  4. babyjoan

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    I call myself a human barometer!! I live in Connecticut and we have frequent pressure changes. People who have other aches and pains for various reasons will call to see if I am hurting more than usual. They say that way they know it just the weather! Soft hugs to all affected by the pressure.
  5. healing

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    I think whether you have FM, CFS, or just plain old arthritis -- we ALL hurt when the barometer falls. I live in the Mid Atlantic region, and we've had a miserable low pressure system just sitting over us this week, nothing but rain rain rain and more rain. I'm with you, Elizabethia -- we want Fabian to go away.
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    Living in South Florida is awful for me this time of year with the rainy season and storms. I can hardly get out of bed and when I do, I'm in so much pain I can barely open my pain meds. I wouldn't wish this pain on an enemy.

    Prayer, rest and sometimes tears are the only way to get thru it for me. Jackie