low pressure systems and increased symptoms

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by WendyC, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. WendyC

    WendyC New Member

    I have noticed that some storms affect my FM. Now I have narrowed it down to low pressure systems from Canada not just storms. Could these systems be affecting blood hypercoagulation? I know that altitude affects blood, why not pressure systems. Just wondering and hurting in a new low pressure system.

  2. paula45

    paula45 New Member

    I while back, I asked my physical therapist about this and he said there is definitely an increase in all kinds of problems with changes in barometric pressure. He doesn't know why (I don't know if anyone does), but he sees a huge increase. It greatly affects me; UGH, today is AWFUL!! BTW, I'm in Texas. I think it's not just systems from Canada, but drastic changes coming from anywhere, depending on your location. Hoping for better weather.
  3. rosella

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    I am writing this with tongue in cheek, partly. I am from Australia, now living in Canada, & I totally agree with the previous posts about the effect of the barometric pressure on the symptoms of FM. The t-i-c part comes from the fact that while living in Australia, the weather pressure fluctuates far less than here. Some may call it "from the frying pan into the fire".
  4. healing

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    All my docs and my PT agree with what my body tells me -- that low pressure systems HURT. I suffer both in the winter (nor'easters are as bad as Canadian systems)and with tropical lows in the summertime. The good thing is I always know it's not going to last long -- once the low has passed through, I'll start to improve, and I know that a high pressure system has to come along soon. I'm a devoted Weather Channel watcher!!
  5. jeniwren

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    I'm in Australia, at the southern end now, and I've noticed a similar pattern. I hurt extra with the low pressure systems. Every time there's any rain due you can bet that I'll be hurting extra. My partner noticed it without me saying anything too. I had similar problems when I lived in the north of OZ, then it was the humidity that got me.