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    I am FM, and for months have had a problem with pain and stiffness in my calf muscle.

    When I saw my doctor, she was surprised that she had trouble finding a pulse in my foot, and said for my age that I should have a thumping pulse there.

    She eventually found a pulse, said that it is adequate, and suggested magnesium and calcium for the calf muscle problem,as she thinks it is a type of cramp.

    I am wandering if I might also be having a problem with blood supply to my brain, as I often feel kind of faintish, and lately am a real wreck around the time of my period.

    My iron levels, and usual other bloods are fine.

    Any ideas or suggestions??

    Thankyou in advance.
    I greatly appreciate any help.

    All the best to everyone.
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    Hi there. I read your post and it sounded familiar. About 8 years ago my mother started having calf pain when she would walk a few feet continuously. She had had back problems that caused leg pain (sciatica) but she said this felt different. Her doctors couldn't figure out what it was. I went to the library and researched what could cause leg pain and saw something called Claudication and periphereal artery disease. It is when you have blocked ateries and the leg pain is caused by not enough blood circulating through the leg. Mom only had pain in one leg. The symptoms are leg pain, blue feet or in most cases one foot is blue, cold feet/foot and low pulse in feet/foot.
    Mom had all these symptoms. She asked her doctor to send her to Duke and they found that she had a blocked artery in her femoral area. They did a bypass. She has had to have another one recently to unblock it again. It can lead to amputation if not treated. My mom was 50 when this was diagnosed, but it went on for quite awhile before she found out what it was. Please look into this and make sure it is not what you have.

    You could have something totally unrelated, but I just wanted to share with you just in case. Please let me know what you find out. Best wishes.
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    I've saved your reply, and will bring this to my Doctor's attention. The medical people always seem very baffled with my problems. It's taken them more than 20 years to figure out that I have a damaged disk in my neck. At least now my doctor takes me seriously.

    For the moment I think that I'll do what I can to improve my circulation, and take Magnesium, Calcium, and add some vitamins, and minerals.

    Thanks again for your reply. It definately sounds very similar to my problem.

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    You are very welcome. Please let me know what you find out.