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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kathleen12, May 30, 2008.

  1. Kathleen12

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    At one time, I had a pretty good outlook on myself...I dressed well, I wore make-up, I kept my hair nicely, and I was enjoyable to be around.

    But since this dd, I have had no energy to buy new clothes and am wearing old jeans and t-shirts that are a size too small because I've put on a couple of pounds from being house bound most of the time. So since I don't get out, I have little need to keep myself up anymore. I'm no longer enjoyable to be around because it is too fatiguing to laugh, talk, listen, etc. My only sentences tend to be explaining why I can't converse or go out.

    So therefore, my esteem is rock bottom and am having a hard time picking it up. I have a photo of me in my profile, and I have to keep veiwing to remember the old me. I still look basically the same, but the spark is gone. What do you all do for an esteem boost?
  2. sascha

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    i had gradually cut way down on all activities and socializing before starting valcyte (cfids treatment that lasts 6 months)- would frequently try to be somewhere and then would have to leave because of feeling terrible. feeling as though i could lie down on the ground/floor and sleep for a hundred years; and that with painful aching all over.

    now on the valcyte, that situation is intensified a thousand times with pain and tremors, etc. anyway point being i've had to totally isolate myself from everyone and everything. can't even answer the phone. it hurts and is so distressing and discouraging to be able to do NOTHING.

    i try to make the best of it- i discovered historical fiction once i could read again. i follow baseball on tv when i can. i journal on computer when i can. i sleep so much it's scary.

    it is HUGE challenge to come to terms with my altered existence. i will never stop trying to find answers for my health dilemma. if valcyte doesn't help me, i'll be looking for something else.

    as they say, our esteem now needs to be based on the being not the doing aspects of life- we need to make peace with our condition as best we can- not make ourselves feel worse than we already do. not easy- i work on it a lot-

    i wish you so very well- i love horses- used to teach riding long long ago. it rekindled my spirits many months ago to go visit a boarding stable. so many beautiful horses. must go again. and i have a cat who is a comfort.

  3. TropicalGirl

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    SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! OMG! I WISH that I looked as pretty as you! I know what you mean about low self-esteem, though. I basically have no friends, I am the outcast at work, even my "Sweetie" has not been very sweet to me lately, he is ALWAYS ANGRY at me.

    I am right there with you, sorry to say...but you really are BEAUTIFUL!

    Love ya,

    Tropical Girl

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