low temperature, what is fever temp?

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    For those of us who normally have a low body temp, (96-97), how do you convince dr/nurses that you have a fever (or do you) when you temp goes up to 98-99? I feel like I have a fever and my temp is 98.8 but if I go to the dr, they'll say, you don't have a fever. I explain I always have a low temp and they just ignore me. Does the medical community not recognize low body temps as being normal or do I not have a fever until my body temp reaches 'normal fever' numbers? I'm sorry if this sounds stupid but I feel like crap and I don't even know if this makes sense.

    thanks. joann
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    I haven't found a way yet. I will be watching this thread
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    About a year ago I even bought a new thermometer because my temp was always so low that I thought mine was broken.

    I'll be interested in reading all the answers too.

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    When I felt feverish and took my temp and it would be 98.8 or so. I didn't realize for a long time that my regular temp was only 96! So I really did have fevers!

    I take throid meds now and its slowly getting my body temp up to normal.

    Good question joanng.
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    My normal temperature is in the mid-97 range. I go through spurts where I'll run a low grade fever of between 99.5 to 100 for weeks at a time at least 3 or 4 days a week. Then, I go through times where I'm physically feeling better and the CFS/ME seems to have "calmed" down, and I'll run no fevers at all. I'm in one of those stretches now where I'm doing better. The CFS/ME symptoms have decreased considerably, which is strange considering the amount of stress I'm under.

    It's when the doctor tries to say that it's nothing. Especially when you're feeling "feverish." I'll feel achy and sick and I'll take my temp. Any time it goes over 99.0, I begin feeling achy. Once it hits 99.7 to 100, I can barely get out of bed.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thank you all, I'm not crazy, I'm just sick. Yeah, I have a fever and I'm going to the dr at work to get an antibiotic. This has been on and off for 1 full week now. I feel like I got hit by a bus. I also did a search on this site for this and there are other posts from the past which have more info. We're certainly not alone.

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    I have the same problem. My "normal" temp is 96.8. I have been sick with a flu for a few weeks and my temp hovers around 98.8. I am very feverish but couldn't convince my doctor that I have a temperature.

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    Isn't there thermometers with a built in memory? I have been thinking the same when my doc frown at my "temp" of 99.0. If I could show him the memory of the low normal temperature, maybe it would register?


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    (People With CFIDS...or FMS) , often run body temps. that are not at what is considered the "normal" temp of 98.6. The average "normal" range for us , I've read about , seems to be from about 2.5 below 98.6 to about 1.5 above.

    It appears that many people fighting a flare or an additional illness run about 1 to 2 degrees ....sometimes more....above "their normal , average temp". Of course , none of us are average or normal anymore....LOL..

    Hope this helps !!!!!

    Blessings ,

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    Forget trying to convince most healthcare providers you've got a fever-for the most part it will be a wasted effort. Try keeping a log and show it to your doc after you've got enough entries for a pattern. It may help you to do a search on "Basal Body Temp". Not that you want to get preggers, but it's great info for monitoring your temp accurately. You need a digital thermometer (some say you need a digital "rectal" thermometer-ugh), keep it by your bed, check your temp at the SAME time every morning BEFORE you get out of bed then record your results. A basal chart would be helpful in making the info more readable.

    I pasted these norms for you-remember these are BASAL temps!

    "In general, before ovulation occurs, resting body temps will be in the low 97.0's - probably 97.4 or below, they can also be in the higher 96.0's like around 96.8 degrees. After ovulation, body temps will be in the higher 97.0's - 97.6 or above, they can also be in the 98.0's though usually not higher than 98.3, but again, individuals will vary."
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    same problem. I know when I have a temp because the body aches are so, so bad. Went to the doc last week, said I had a sinus infection.. more normal temp is 97.0 and it was 99.8. The nurse (not the doc) said "Oh dear, no wander you are not feeling well" I told her "Yes, and it is more of a fever than you think considering my normal temp is 97.

    She atleast saw that on my chart and agrees it would make me feel very bad. Just a little validation by a caring nurse, but ususally when I say that to the doc, I look like I am crazy trying to make it out worse than it is.

    We/You are NOT crazy.... and they can believe what they want.

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    Same deal with me. I always have a low temp - 96, 97,-- and when I am sick with a cold or whatever I get a fever of 99.
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    I have the exact same thing my temp is always around 96 and when I'm sick its either between 98 and 100.5 cause I don't hit the 100s easily.