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    Guys and maybe girls!

    Using narcotics for our pain can really put the guys testostorone levels to a dangerous level....just aging already knocks it down, this is worth repeating it since many doctors dont check this.
    Since I have been taken hormone replacement my energy has improved and pain has gone down some.....libdo up!
    I found out the hard way and was not only all dried up with low testos but being so low causes libdo probs of course, but also low energy, depression, pain,short tempered, sleep probs to name a few...now what does it do to woman? chronic narcotic use. I dont know, does anyone know???

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    Interesting. Do you know what else causes low testosterone?

    I hvae been fighting a strep infection that won't quit, and during that time my libido sunk to an all-time low and my testosterone was WAY below normal. Now I'm taking 4 andriol a day and I am feeling a tiny bit better.

    Does active infection cause low testosterone?