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    My Doctor told me about 5 months ago my Testosterone is low, it was 8.4 and should be 18 for my age of 57 yrs.He said that the rub on gel is most effective, but having no heath benefit, it was to costly for me so i decided to try the pill form which is half the cost. My Doctor said the pill form is not very effect and he was right, after 3 months of 160 mgs a day of Androgen , my testosterone is even lower its now 3.1.

    I have decided now to do the injection, at 100mgs a month to start, i think that's a very low dosage but from what i read its the most effective way to get Testosterone in my body, and i am sure it will be adjusted.

    I have to wonder if the FM is causing my Testosterone level to be so low,or just my age, i also had my blood pressure checked 3 times when i was at the Doctor, he thought it was fine i thought it was not that good, but i did feel nervous as i was getting it done, the average was 118/90 my pulse was 92. My pulse has always been high, i know i am not in shape,but i also heard people with chronic pain have a higher pulse...

    Having Fibromyalgia, i really don't notice the effect of the low testosterone, the long term effects scare me more then anything.I start my first injection this week, i really hope i get more energy,that would make it all worth while..Rick
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    I think DHEA is illegal in Canada.
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    I've never been tested for low Testosterone but it is an issue that I've read about it and considered it. I' had ME for a long time and with the fatigue bothering me in diffirent ways I'm always asking why me?

    I read a few articles about Testosterone and found that Sun is recommended as a natural boost!! I've been out in the sun more, and got myself some Tan through pants - my garden is slightly over look so I don't dare go nude every time!! :rolleyes:

    I think it does work, although sunlight also boosts Vit D as well. Sadly summer's coming to and end!:eek:

    cheers now, Rob