low white blood count??????????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sofy, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. sofy

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    I'm one of the healthiest sick people everyone knows. That is to say all my many labs and test all come back fine except for a low white blood count and a marginally low growth hormone. The MD's all say is nothing. Got any ideas?
    my WBC = 4.0
    Ref. Range 4.8-10.8
    IGF-1 59 ref range 71-290
  2. sofy

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    to hear from someone!
  3. sapphire

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    When I first got sick with CFS my white count got down to 2.9 and we never did find out why. My liver enzymes were also slightly elevated too. That's the only tests that ever came back abnormal.
    I don't really know if it's anything to worry about or not.
    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

    Take care,
  4. Fibromiester

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    Any ideas for Sofy?
  5. sb439

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    the other whites just low normal. I also haven't caught a cold or flue for 8 years now ... one of the weirder (but apparently perfectly straightforwardly explainable) aspects of CFIDS.
  6. sqaw

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    i have a problem about my white count is so high,i have had to go to hospital er because my irrtiable bowel and stomach spasms..they always check me in ,when er doctors do my blood work,it freaks them out...my white blood count runs around 12,000,when it should be not over 80 to 100..so i'm always checked in,,hook me up to fluids of anibiotics for 3 days each time,,unless they decide to take an organ,,like my appendix which was good,but they took it anyway,,also my cal bladder,,,but when my dr comes ,he usually gets upset,,my regular dr that treats my fm say fm your white count does stay high,,,is there anyone else with this problem???? freda
  7. gardengrow

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    I have CFS and have a low white blood count too. My doctor didnt think it was any big deal and said I would be more suseptible to infections is all. It seems to be very common in CFS and there doesnt seem to be a way to raise your white blood count. I am prone to sinus infections and I feel that since getting CFS it is much worse. When I get very fatigued or suffer a relapse sure enough about a week later I've got a sinus infection. When I left the doctors office after finding out my lab test results all came back normal- except for the blood count and high EBV antibodies I wondered why I felt so horrible if nothing showed up on the tests. My life was on hold because I couldnt walk around a store but I supposably was healthy. That has been the story of anyone with CFS and getting doctors to beleive we really dont feel well.