Lower back pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Luxuria, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Hi all

    I'm just wondering if anyone has contsant low back pain with their FM? Mine started in my lower left back around late June. I have discussed this with my doctor when she dignosed my FM and my pain medication helps most of my pain with the exception of this back pain.

    It is always in my lower left side, some days really bad, some days mild, some days no pain at all. My doctor thinks it is muscular. Somedays I have pain in my back, left side of my waist and front left side abdominal area. Some days it feels like my tail bone hurts/lower spine, some days stomach ache and some days the pain goes down my legs right into my feet. Every day seems to be different with varying combos of pain.

    Has anyone experienced this? Sometime I have mild discomfort with intercouse as well. I do plan on talking about all of this again with my doctor when I go back to see her later in March. I also have a pap test that I am going to book with her then as well.

    Just curious if anyone else has gone through or is continuing to go though what I am.

  2. bewell4

    bewell4 New Member

    4 yrs straight. sex hurts too. im not on pain meds, but i am going to try to be soon. (the pain is too much for too long!) acupuncture helps me for awhile, but i can't afford consistently enough
  3. pat460

    pat460 New Member


    Just my opinion but, if you are having back pain which radiates into extremities, you should have a MRI to rule out other things. Yes, it could be fibro or it could involve nerve compression. I'm not sure muscle pain would radiate. I only advise this because I have similar pain caused by tumors in my spinal canal. They don't show on plain xrays as they are inside the canal. Now I'm not saying you have any such thing, but if you have any symptom causing you that much distress, I think it should be investigated before assuming it's caused by fibro.

    Be well, pat460
  4. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Thanks for your replies :)

    It is hard to tell if the pain in my back is directly causing the pain in other parts of my body. Sometimes they (feet, knees, etc) ache without having pain in my back too.

    I do know that (for me) my lower muscular pain can radiate into my legs and feet, it always has with my menstrual cramps.

    I am definitely going to talk to my doctor about it when I go back to see her in March. That is when we agreed to meet again for my follow up. I called today for a refill on my perscription and the nurse there told me that she is REALLY busy up until the 2nd week of March. Appointments full everyday. She has a lot of eldery patients and does home visits so it pretty normal for her to have very busy weeks and quieter weeks.

    If things get worse, I'll try to get in sooner but so far the pain in my back, etc. is the same as it has been since it all started. So atleast is isn't getting any worse. It definitely seems to come on more when the weather is changing, which it is now. We've been in FREEEZING (-30!) temperatures and the last few days it has been getting warmer and now it is getting colder again and is supposed to rain/snow. ARGH!

    I'll let you all know how things are going.

  5. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Hi :)

    I was just looking at your profile. How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? You look around my age, I'm 23. Sounds like we have a lot of the same symptoms going on. Feel free to message me anytime you want if you would like to chat. :)

  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Is any of this pain happening around your period? and or ovulation time?
    I get this exact pain all the time when my period is coming thru. and at ovulation.
    Same thing!! to a T.
    I have it now and my whole area above and at my tailbone hurts like heck!! my low back as well.
    Just curious

    I have Fibro and Endometriosis.

    feel better~
  7. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    I have the pain on and off all month so it is a bit hard for me to tell if it gets worse during my cycle & ovulation. I have thought about it though. I am going to start keeping track on paper the pain, weather, etc. over the next month so I have something more concrete to take to my doctor next time.

    Thanks for your reply tandy. :)

  8. HeartsinOhio

    HeartsinOhio New Member

    I am also in the midst of lower back pain now. Sometimes on my left side, even in the abdomen like you mention. It hurts in the tailbone too. Ouch. Even my Vicodin don't touch the pain. Heating pads didnt help either. Ideas?
  9. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Have you tried any of that ice cold gel? It works sometimes for me but of course is only a temporary fix. Also you need to be careful with that stuff. Don't use it and your heating pad together as it can cause burns.

    I'm really clueless on other ideas. I have just been getting by and dealing with it. Hopefully I can come back in March with some answers from my doctor.

  10. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye New Member

    I am in the same boat as you that's for sure. I always have lower back pain, bilateral hip pain and on the really bad days it travels down my legs.

    Tonight the pharmacy screwed up my refill so I am out of pain meds so i am in severe pain...their answer of course is I am sure your Doc will call right away and we will have your meds tomorrow, but when you take your pain meds 3 times a day and tomorrow will be the second day without them it is very difficult to manage a "normal" life as in work, ect. I am very worried about getting any sleep tonight and making it to work tomorrow.

  11. HeartsinOhio

    HeartsinOhio New Member

    One more thing, I have RA too, and a hip that needs replaced. Sometimes I don't know where the RA ends and the Fibro begins. Let me know if you get any news on ideas for your Dr. I got sick of doctoring a few years ago and have not seen my RA doctor in ages. I need to find a Fibro Dr is there is such a thing. Take care...pattie
  12. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I had a buldging disc and it hurt so bad but just on one side of my lower back and down my leg. I had surgery and got relief as soon as I woke up. Ask your dr. for one.
  13. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Thanks everyone for all the help :)

    I'll try to keep this thread running so we can all check in with each other and offer more advice :)

    Last night I was watching tv in bed with my heating pad before going to sleep. I ended up sleeping the ENTIRE night on my heating pad, which I know you're not really supposed to do, but when I woke up this morning the back pain was almost entirely gone. :) It is slowly starting to creep back now that I'm up and sitting at my computer. I have a feeling that being infront of the computer so much is part of my problem. I work from home for my father's business and the majority of my job is done online. I think I'm going to try moving around and working more with my lap top and see how things go.


  14. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    I have had lower back pain since 1998. I had a buldging disc and just a couple of weeks ago was injured and have another one.

    I would agree with the MRI. That's how I found out about the 2nd one, of course along with the pain.

    I haven't had any surgery but have an appt. with Nureosurgeon in March.

    Hope all goes well,

  15. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Thanks everyone for your support & advice :)

    I woke up this morning feeling much better! The pain definitely does wax and wane and I have been tracking the weather and today is the nicest day we've had here in snowy Canada for awhile. The sun is out and the temperature is above freezing YAY!!! haha. I think the changes in the weather were a big part of my pain the last few days.


  16. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Have had it for years.It runs down thru my legs too.

    My doc told me it is the A. in my back causing all my pain there & down my legs.

    Have tried all kinds of Arthritis meds.But they either take them away ( Canada has been taking different brands off the shelf,because of the side affects)or they cause a reaction .

    So I sympathize Bekah, without my pain meds I wouldnt be able to do ANYTHING.So sorry that they did that to you.It was an inhuman thing to do.

    Yes Vets are usually great.You dont see an animal waiting for meds.

    Take Care!!
  17. lakatos235

    lakatos235 New Member

    For 18 years now I have not been able to connect my back pain with my other physical pains. I just knew something was broken! I went through numerous tests and repeated visits to orthopedic doctors (and even a hip replacement)over the years trying to find out what was causing this incredible low back pain.

    I was diagnosed with fibro 8 years ago and still could not make the connection between the muscle aches, fatigue, etc and this back pain. In my mind they were 2 separate things. I have now come to the conclusion (after another MRI and no definitive answer) that one is causing the other. The back pain can change in nature also - sometimes it feels like someone wacked me with a baseball bat in the low back - sometimes it radiates over my whole backside - I even now have bouts of restless leg syndrome.

    But by all means see an orthopedic doctor and get the tests done to rule out any other type of problem. Just wanted you to know my story.
  18. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Thanks for the new posts. I am definitely going to talk to my dr. about my back again when I see her in March and see what she suggests. She is an amazing doctor and does everything she can to make me comfortable, it just takes time. She does believe that the cause of my Fibro was brought on following my root canal by a very BAD dentist who popped my jaw and I have TMJ now. The rest of the pain began a few months after the RC which was done July of 2005. She told me that 95% of all root canals are not needed and I really question if I needed one. The dentist I went to was young and very money hungry. My new dentist doubts the root canal too as when he called to have my x-rays sent over they didn't send any of the tooth before the root canal and claim they were lost. Yeah, right!!

    My back is ok today. The pain really does seem to change with the weather.

    Thanks all for your help. I'll keep you posted. :)

  19. lbuchanan3

    lbuchanan3 New Member

    I went through 13 months of severe neck and lower back pain, before I finally got my doctor to listen. My doctor kept

    In fact just prior to my husband's by pass I was in the hospital having a laprascopic procedure done on my ovaries for severe abdominal pain, they never found out what was causing it then. Finally after years and years of unexplained cramps and muscle pain and deep burning aches she sent me to a Rhuematologist that in 15 minutes confirmed her suspicion that it might be Fibromyalgia becuase I have sleep apnea. I was sensitive to very light pressure in all 18 touch points. He did tell her that he thought I had more wrong with me than just the Fibromyalgia, but the way that clinic works she has to refer back to him to do further testing and she was so insistent that she didn't think he would find anything that she refused my referrals.

    Then I had a dermatologist that wanted to put me on Accutane, for a condition that Accutane has been shown to not be affective for. As part of my argument I told her that I would refuse this treatment because it causes bone and muscle pain in 20% of the people who take it and that until she could prove to me that I did not have anything more going on with my back I would not take it. You also cannot have any kind of bone surgery while taking Accutane, or for 6 months after taking it. She then agreed to give me an x-ray of my neck, she just "knew" that nothing would be found.

    At that time my neck was so sore I could barely move it from side to side and I could not open jars or doors or carry a cup of coffee because of severe pain in my right hand. Both of my arms had burning sensations all along my arms and into my hands and my entire hand from my wrists to the tips of all my fingers were completely numb. My lower back was just as you described yours, the pain was inconsistent, some days it was not there at all, other days my left leg would be numb from my hips to my toes, other days I was not able to straighten up if I sat for long.

    Well, the x-ray showed that I had spurring on all the vertebra of my neck and compression of the c5-6 vertebra. She then sent me to a pain specialist and he ordered an MRI and I have stenosis the full length of my spine with compressed vertebra at c5-6 that has involved the nerves to both my right and left arms and hands, I also have a herniated disc at my waist level, and three vertebra in my lower spine that have fused from bone overgrowth. This has led me to suffer for months without treatment with hands that can no longer open jars or doors on some days, with incontenence problems, and now the arthritis is also moving into my hips and knees, as well as into my rib cage and sternum. It is all new to me still, this bad news, and I have just completed 8 weeks of spinal injections to try and control the pain. I had some minor relief from those injections, but am already getting the pain in my hands again and my lower back is worse than it was. My next appointment is March 9th, and I know that surgery will be the only option then so I am in no hurry'

    I just wanted to tell you my story, because sometimes we are our only advocates when it comes to our own healthcare. My doctor was so convinced that I was just another whiny patient with pains "only in her head" that she was not listening to me tell her how much pain I was in. I know that she had just inherited me as a patient and had not been my doctor for more than a few months. She had no idea what I was like before I became so ill and was all the sudden in her office telling her that I could no longer work and was going to have to try to get disability and that I wanted some answers about the pains and cramps and blurred vision, and the list goes on and on. Please, please have your doctor at least x-ray your lower back to check for disc problems. because radiating pain is almost always due to a pinched nerve and or a herniated disc.

    As Fibromyalgia patients we have so much pain it is hard for us sometimes to tell if the pain is from the bones and joints or just in the muscles. In my case the joint pain contracts the muscles in reaction and the contractions do not release well because of the Fibromyalgia so it is a viscious cycle of pain. It also makes a visual and manual examination harder for the doctors because they can feel the muscle tension which can mask the underlying bone problems. Some back pain is in fact just muscular, but that pain usually does respond well to muscle relaxers.

    Good luck, I hope your pain is just muscular and not in the bones, but make your doctor be throrough, just in case.

    Linda B.
  20. ksl25

    ksl25 New Member

    try sittting on a pillow. or using a pillow behind you for support.
    also keep your lower back as warm as often as possible.
    minor drafts can take a toll. i used a little gel pack that campers use.
    use the hair dryer on any body part for instant warm up.
    deep breathing will help relax some of the tension that we all hold on to for too long.

    sideway bending like a big C will help stretch the muscle that runs through most of the body. lift arms up and over; remembering the length, not as much as the depth. and breathe steadily.

    i also used band-aids to keep little strong medical magnets on two spots on my back. years ago this helped me. i was in remission for a long time. by doing all of these things. this winter i caught a bad virus and had a flare up. Now I am remember all the things that helped in the past. I hope this gives you some much needed relief. Take care!

    oh, and hot showers at night also work beautifully and increases melatonin for sleep.
    When you're feeling strong try leg lifts to strengthen the ab muscles. This is where a lot of lower back problems start. (well, fibro might be different than the "normals" with back problems, but i'm sure leg lifts will help all of us.)
    just remember to breath, and stretch to warm up.
    good luck to everyone!!


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