Lower Back Pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by daytrippersoul, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. daytrippersoul

    daytrippersoul New Member

    My back had gotten really weak over the years. Especially in my lower back..waaaay low and then goes down into my legs. I had a few "good days" so I over did it and now my back is out...hard to walk. I may go have it x-rayed tonight. - I took an Advil- but isn't doing much good right now.

    Has anyone else's back gotten weak due to the Fibro?

  2. katiebug61

    katiebug61 New Member

    I was told I have degenerative disc disease in my L-3 & 4, about 3 yrs ago. This was before I even knew about FM. My back continues to get worse and I also have sciatica. The only thing that makes my back feel better is Naproxen ever 6-8 hours, heat and time. The other day I had to crawl from my recliner to the bed, because if I stood up, it felt like my back would break in half. I hate that feeling when you have bent over and feels like someone has stabbed you right in the back. Since I work every day it is hard to get into physical therapy, nor do I have the money to go 2-3 times a week. I would love a good massage once a week, but don't have that either. Hang in there and take care of your back. Advil is probably NOT enough.
  3. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I also suffer with the low back pain, low in the back, in my hips and upper thighs at times. I just went today and had some injection in the lower back, can't remember what they are called but guided by floroscope?? something like that anyway. I'll keep you informed but I do agree the Motrin is hardly enough. Motrin + heat or ice is better but still not enough.


    JEANSKI New Member

    My back is hurting as we speak LOL

    I have noticed an overall weakening in my body. Also I attribute my posture to how bad my back is.

    I get tense from being in pain and tend to hold my body in positions that are not good for the back and shoulders.

    Stretching definately helps but most times I am in too much pain to even do the stretches, it hurts to use the floor and it hurts to do it on the bed...what can ya do? The actual stretching doesn't hurt necessarily but where I am sitting on my bum and hips hurt from the pressure.

  5. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    yes. Right now it is the worse pain I have. When I walk and stand a lot, my legs and hips ache like a tooth ache
  6. ironspine

    ironspine New Member

    I have low back pain due to scoliosis-but I see a chiropractor. They are soooo helpful for fibromyalgia and they will get you back in place without seeing a doctor, getting injections, pain meds, etc. You need to find one that is gentle-request this, and one who does work on muscles. Mine works on my muscles-massaging, etc. I always feel so much better even after one treatment. Let me know if you try it!
  7. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    It sounds like you could have really badly knotted trigger points and/or pelvic and hip muscle tension that would be causing pressure on your nerves (hence why it's going down your legs).

    Visiting and consulting a physical therapist might help- I had lingering hip and leg and low back pain that sounds similar and it took awhile to figure out that I had some rotated vertebrae and pelvic floor dysfunction. Don't know if that could be diagnosed with a MRI cause it was very slight (yet caused LOTS of problems for me), but I saw a good physical therapist and BOOM, it was all fixed surprisingly fast. Fixing alignments can be quick sometimes, and create a lot of pain relief.

    Just something to check out. :)
  8. daytrippersoul

    daytrippersoul New Member

    I cannot believe after all the post I have just read in regards to my post about the low back pain! In every single post reply there is something I can relate to!! It's amazing! Especially going down into the legs and sitting...sitting hurts the most because I must be sitting on the nerve or disc. I had a bulging disc 2 years ago and I believe this is what it may be again! My doc gave me pain meds and a muscle relaxer. Also I did the heat and the ice switcharoo as well. Never tried the stretches though. Too afraid I'll break something!!! But pain med..muscle relaxers and heat/cold and maybe some Ben-Gay or ICEY HOT helps. I just need my doc to prescribe the meds. But today is Friday and I'll never get in to see him 2day! And he will not prescribe meds over the phone. He will want to see me first. So the weekend is gonna be HELL! I have 7 month old to take care of. Maybe if I can get there..I'll go to the ER. UG!! 10 hours later.............. :eek:p

    Thanks EVERYONE for your replies! You are all SUPER in my book!! I LOVE this board and in a weird way feel so close to you guys. Thank GOD for being here.

    Love & HUGZ,
  9. Heald

    Heald New Member

    I have it too. I fell on ice and developed fibro as a result. I have a buldging disc as a result as well. Some times when my husband press in my back for me, I can feel it run down the nerve in my leg. Some times when I get up, I'm in a bent position.

    My pain doctor told me that it is also fibro in my back, so perhaps you too as well. When I was in theraphy, I was introduced to a back brace. It fits like a fitness stretch huge belt with with velcro. You can find them in some pharmacy's and med stores. They are a great help with your posture and allow you to do some things around the house. It holds your back so you won't feel that weak feeling. It will also help you when walking.

    If you are married, lay down on your stomach over pillows, and have your husband press in your lower back for you on each side. It really makes a difference.

    Feel better.

  10. poets

    poets Member

    It's ceaseless. I've had it all my life and have had two back surgeries. It hurts almost as bad as a kidney stone on a daily basis. And my legs hurt also. I have arthritis and bone spurs along with lots of screws and rods. When your back hurts, everything hurts! As far as getting weak due to the Fibro I think the Fibro aggravated it but wasn't the sole cause.

  11. jaba520

    jaba520 New Member

    a hitch in my giddy-up. It is a phrase my dad taught me as a young child. My back is bad because I have scoliosis, wore a back brace for 10 years. Anyway it is near my tailbone that I hurt then spreads to my hips and up my back and my thighs hurt because I start walking funny. Doc just put me on Lyrica and wont prescribe anything else to me. I amd getting frustrated because Lyrica is not doing a thing to ease the pain.
  12. slowingdown

    slowingdown New Member

    When I get to the point that I can't move, walk, bend over, etc. I reach for the Celadrin cream. It really helps me. I also put it on each night before bed (after a warm bath). It's easier to get to sleep that way.
  13. joanng

    joanng New Member

    My lower back pain was horrible. It would burn and it would go down my legs too. It turns out it was related to the lining of my uterous being too thick. I recently had a surgical procedure (Novasure) and so far, so good. My lower back pain has decreased a lot. The pain I had before would bring me to tears sometimes...nothing helped, no pain med, no muscle relaxor, nothing. For all the women out there, have yourself checked, this kind of situation definitely adds pressure to that area and can contribute to back pain and who knew! I just assumed it was from the fibro or my disks, but nope!
  14. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    I've always had problems with my hips and knees, but was Dx'd with a disc herniation L4/5 in 1999.

    A few weeks ago I experienced pain shooting up my spine when I bent to brush my teeth or check the mail. I had an MRI done and found I still have the herniation, but now I have arthritis and DDD.

    My doc and I are trying to figure out what meds to use for pain. I'm a mess from my waist down to my toes. I was riding the motorcycle yesterday with my bf and on the way home I was in tears from the pain going down my right leg and into my foot.

    Back pain for me is a daily thing. And when my chiropractor touches my lower back I come off the adjustment table almost screaming.

    I would definitely get your back x-rayed or MRI'd to see what is causing your pain. Stretching helps me a GREAT deal!!!

    I wish you the best!
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  15. katiebug61

    katiebug61 New Member

    When I am at home and my back is "fired up" as I call it, I will go to get up out of my recliner and you would think I was 85 instead of 47. I have to walk my hands up my thighs to help me get into an upright position. Then I shuffle across the floor in a 3/4 upright position. My dear hubby never laughs at me or ridicules me. He will come over and offer his arm for me to pull up against so I can get out of the chair. I need to look up the chair exercises, because I don't know what I will do if it gets worse. I won't be able to work and that is not a possiblity. Take it easy DT!
  16. mjwarchol

    mjwarchol New Member

    Most of my pain is in my back. I have terrible posture though and that adds to the problem. Also, I feel the weakness, but it's due to deconditioning.

    I need to excercise to get the back muscles strengthend, but the thought just tires me out!
  17. jaime13

    jaime13 New Member

    Me too, I have horrible back,hip,butt,and leg pain. About 6 years ago I rupture my 4th and 5th disc, the pain went away for awhile but after gaining a lot of weight from medications it has come back in full force. It burns and sends a shotting pain through the area,it hurts on both sides, I can feel the triggers-ropey and painful. It hurts when I strength when I lay on it and when I go up stairs. It is a big,big pain.I think pool exercises would help-but my husband wants me to go to the pool at the beach and I don't want tons of people seeing me in a bathing suit.And that is only good for the summer, also when people are swimming and having fun who wants to see a person exercising!I need to join the YMCA.
  18. MommaNeedinHelp

    MommaNeedinHelp New Member

    That's how we found the FMS. My back pain wouldn't go away. Nothing showed up on tests, yet I couldn't move and was bedridden due to debilitating back pain at the age of 27. Still to this day I can't tie my shoes, clean my bathrooms or even exercise like I used to.
  19. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member


    There is an excellent reply post by Tansy from Dr. Myhill. She states that it may be due to muscle spasms. I believe this is true for me because with heat and muscle relaxers, it eases up.

    I am going to begin stretching exercises as the more I am inactive the faster I am going downhill.

    I have arthritis and DDD and scoliosis but after much thought and visit to chiro, I believe my biggest problem is muscle spasms and general weakness.

  20. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Daytrippersoul,

    I would encourage to look into the area of upper cervical (atlas) alignment. The following website provides you with some good information and a video describing this specialized kind of chiropractic.

    <a href="http://www.nucca.org">National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association</a>.

    The next website was started by a man who achieved tremendous relief from upper cervical chiropractic and is doing his best to spread the word about its benefits.

    <a href="http://www.upcspine.com/intro.htm">Greg Buchanan's Remarkable Website on Upper Cervical Chiropractic</a>.

    I got good relief from upper cervical chiropractic, but ended up getting even better results from a one-time atlas alignment called Atlas Profilax. My most recent thread I posted on this board with a number of links to some of my other AP threads can be accessed from the following link:

    <a href="http://www.immunesupport.com/chat/forums/message.cfm?id=1285080&B=FM#1285080">Atlas Profilax Threads on this Message Board</a>

    When I got my own AP alignment almost a year ago, my lower back immediately felt stabilized and most of my lower back pain and sciata subsided over the ensuing months as my whole spinal column seemed to decompress.

    Best to you in finding some relief for yourself.

    Regards, Wayne
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