LP update-Just in case you were wondering..

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    My posting was apparently getting out of hand and yes, I agree that perhaps it was which was why the Lightning Process thread was removed.

    However, I want you to know that my friend and I are still doing well and improving day by day, almost back to normal already. It is a training process that does seem to work but I do not want to enter into any lengthy discussions as it got quite nasty despite me just trying to help you all by passing on what has helped for me and so many others of my friends.

    I am disappointed that it has been removed but wish you all the best of luck and a speedy recovery.

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  2. lfrost

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  3. SaraL

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    Thanks for updating us, Lucy. I do come back and check to see how you are doing. Your progress is continuing to inspire me! I hope you got my thank you on the other thread before they deleted the whole thing, for answering my questions about the process. (In case you didn't see it, thanks so much and I really appreciate that you took the time to do so.)

    Let us know how you do down the road.

    Take care,
  4. davebhoy

    davebhoy New Member


    i emailed phil parker today about joining the yahoo email group. he said it wouldnt be a problem - email him at the email address on the website and he will add you to the list

  5. lisagra

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    Hi Lucy:

    I am researching the LP, corresponding w/Amir and Phil. I'm curious to know how you are faring.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Take Care, Lisa
  6. lisagra

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  7. Tantallon

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    Would love to know how you and Davebhoy are doing, Seriously thinking about doing this, will have to save up first though.

  8. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    What is the Lightning Process? I am on and off the board and missed the thread.

    I am always glad when someone is better. Congratulations!

  9. SaraL

    SaraL New Member

    to the last reply on here, if you type "Phil Parker's Lightning Process" into a search engine like Google, that should get you to his website, and Amir's, too, where you will find information on the LP.

    Lisa, I have been researching it, too, and am actually pretty seriously planning to travel over for it. Have talked with Amir and another practitioner. Are you in the U.S., too, like me?

    My biggest concern is managing the trip over, especially as I may not be able to have any one else go with me, though my brother possibly may be able to. I get pretty brain foggy when under stress. I could see me getting on the wrong bus or something like that...Though I couldn't even have contemplated such a trip a year ago--I have been very slowly improving. Sure would like to speed up the process, though!

  10. lisagra

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    I too am considering underataking the trip. ALthough, I really can't imagine how since I'm virtually bedbound most of the time. And I would have to travel from California..twice as far as Mass.

    I have corresponded w/Amir via email. Have you spoken with him directly.

    have you been able to speak with any of his other patients.

    i am originally from spfld ma. my entire family still lives in and around there.

    let's keep in touch.

    take Care, lisa
  11. SaraL

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    thanks for your message. I have spoken with Amir directly--he talked with me for like 25 minutes about the process. I've also spoken with another practitioner, and she was very helpful as well. I have spoken with 2 of Amir's clients, and gotten a lengthy email from another. I am going to call a client of the woman's hopefully tomorrow. I can give you more info. about what I have heard, but don't have a lot of time to write here today. I wonder if there is any way you and I could be in contact directly? I think we aren't supposed to post our email addresses, but do you know of a way to get in touch?

    Also, probably you have already thought of this I imagine, but maybe you could do your trip in 2 stages, since you have family in Mass.? Take a break of several days here or whatever you need to recover somewhat? Do you have someone to travel with you?

    Anyway, yes, do let's keep in touch!
    take care,
  12. lisagra

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    hi sara:

    go to lymenet..i'm lisag
  13. SaraL

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    just wanted to let you know I saw your message, and I am working on getting a message to you at the place you said--hopefully I will manage in the next day or 2. Part of it I think is just brainfog, but have had a little difficulty finding the spot, but I think I am now on the right track. So hopefully catch up with you soon.

    Take care,
  14. lisagra

    lisagra New Member

    hi sara:

    i think i'm going to do a broadband video conference w/ amir. i'm speaking with him next week to finalize the plan. i think it can be done via skype or yahoo messenger.

    i still want to talk with you more, so try to find me on the other site.

    i wish lucy would drop by and let us know her progress.

    take care

    oh yeah... where are you in Mass.
  15. lfrost

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    Hiya to those who are interested. I am still around and just come back from a holiday in Wales-did quite a lot of walking and even some jogging at times. Still doing well although at moment have an infection in my mouth so not feeling quite so good but know once that heals will be ok again and continuing to improve. Even with that infection, just walked around city for 2 hours with friend who went with me for LP.

    My friend is doing well too and the other friend has just got rid of all her home care and is perfectly well again now. Just heard from another friend who has just had LP and says she is just about better-it is amazing and I hope one day you will all take this seriously.

    It does work. Good luck to you all. Lucy
  16. lisagra

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    hi lucy:

    so glad to hear you continue to do well. it's wonderful news!!!!

    i am getting ready to work w/amir. i am very excited and hopeful. i've been house/bedbound for 2+ years w/debilitating fatigue, pain, weakness and just general all over feeling bad.

    i've been diagnosed w/borrelia, babs, bart, erlich, myco and have h-viral titres for all the typical viruses.

    i've tried antibiotics/anit-virals, homeopathy, herbs, supplements and rife. nothing has worked.

    in fact almost every treatment has actually made me feel worse.

    i would love to chat more with you about your lp experience.

    altho i know you got a lot of flak in your earlier posts...too bad. it's a shame that informative posts have to be deleted just b/c some ppl are sceptical.

    hey, i'm sceptical too...but you need to be open to trying ANYTHING to deal with these crazy illnesses.

    can you try to find me on lymenet, lisag. then maybe we can correspond in more depth.

    thanks, lisa
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  17. lisagra

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