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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PatDLT, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. PatDLT

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    Hi, I have not written for a awhile, but have been reading all along. I heard several won their appeal for SSDI. Kudos! I was denied my SSDI and am working on my appeal with Allsups.

    But also, I am on my appeal process for my LTD and STD. Since I could not find a lawyer that would represent me, I sent in my appeal letter on my own. It was getting close to the 180 days after talking to at least three lawyers. The last one wanted me to postpone because of their workload til June. I could not wait since I have not been paid since October and am far behind with all my bills.

    BUT today I received a call from a Judge Hackett to ask me if I could fax her the denial letter from my insurance company and asked me to read it. Is this odd or not??? Is this unusual to be contacted directly from a judge? She also wants my SS #. I'm not sure what this means??

    Is anyone familiar with this?

    Don't know what to do....

  2. PatDLT

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    I have had problems with my work insurance company for the LTD & STD they are also handling the SDI.

    I now remember that the State called me about two weeks ago and they said that my next step with them was to see the judge. I am so confused about all of this and just want to hang it up. I Know everyone says to keep at it, but its hard when you don't have any money to pay the bills. Since I have submitted my appeal letter on my own, the last lawyer ask me to call them if I get denied. I won't know anything until the end of March. I hate this waiting.

    Thank you for responding. I appreciate the info.

  3. PatDLT

    PatDLT New Member

    Yes, I will call and find out. I don't have to send the fax until tomorrow.

    Thank you!
  4. Sophiaz

    Sophiaz New Member

    Just wanted to second signing up for this group. YOU MUST get help/insight and the Disinissues group is fabulous for disability claims.

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