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    My doctor just put me on permanent disability. He wrote to my LTD and let them know. I have not heard from my insurance yet. My job asked me to apply for SSA. They also got me a lawyer. Does anyone here have any advice for me.
    I need my insurance very badly. But there trying to drop me like a hot potatoe. I am a diabetic, with thyroid, FM, CFS, TMJ,depression, bad fog.

    Medications currently taking;
     Thysolan 1 strength & Thysolan strength 1/4 (thyroid)
     Provigil 200mg
     Glucophage XR 500mg
     Pravachol 20mg
     Adderall XR 10mg
     Zoloft 100mg
     Lorazepam 0.5
     Climara 1.0mg female hormones
     Lacrisert 5MG dry eyes daily
     Tramadol HCL 50mg

    If I don't make any sense sorry.

    All I do is stay home and see doctors. I am so tired all the time.

    Thank you all