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  1. Malcolm82

    Malcolm82 New Member

    Has anyone had any experience with LTD from Security Mutual Life Insurance Company?

    They did approve my LTD claim a few months ago, but I am wondering how long it is going to last even if I remain disabled.

    My policy says that as long as I remain disabled, my benefits will continue until age 67 unless my disability is due to "mental illness, alcoholism, or drug abuse", then they only last 24 months. The cause of my disability is the impairments of CFIDS. That is what my doctors put on my claim forms, but I have been treated for anxiety and depression since about a year after my CFIDS symptoms started because I couldn't understand what was happening to my brain power.

    My doctors and I both know that coping with the effects of CFIDS was the cause of those mental issues, and the mental issues are not the reason I am disabled. They were under control months before I became disabled.

    When they were reviewing my claim they requested permission to investigate my psychiatric records, so I know they know about the mental issues.

    My question is: Can they still terminate my benefits after 2 years just because I have been treated for anxiety/depression even if that is not the cause of my disability?

    I have thought about calling and asking them but I don't know if I should. I have a feeling they wouldn't tell me anyway. They have never returned my calls when I have had other questions.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    they can terminate your policy at any given time. but the max they pay is 2 years. so dont get your hopes up of getting paid until age 67.

    ltd companies are just that companies. they can change their policy at any given time and deny your claim.fighting is next to useless.
  3. Malcolm82

    Malcolm82 New Member

    That is what I was afraid of.

    I have started the SSDI application procedure with Allsup because, based on what I have read on this forum, that seems to be most people's experience with these DDs.

  4. proo

    proo New Member


    Who pays for the coverage? If it is your employeer, SMLI cannot just change the rules as they see fit. The employeer chooses the carrier that best suits it's needs and signs a contract that is in effect for X amt. of time.
    Even a policy that you have paid for privately cannot just be changed overnight. The rules pertain for a specific length of time. If they don't return your calls, you can always file a complaint with the insurance commissioner in your state.

    Best wishes,
  5. Malcolm82

    Malcolm82 New Member

    My LTD is a group policy through my employer, but I paid the entire premium. I signed up for it after I got married about 13 years ago, but my employer changed to a different provider 3 years ago.
  6. jasminetee

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    I think it depends on what they have written down as your Diagnosis. Mine tried to Dx (diagnose) me with Depression and I wouldn't let them. If they have written down your Dx as CFS you should have no problem collecting it until you're 67.

    If they have you Dx for a mental problem, there are ways to fight that and try to get it changed. I did and I'll gladly help you too. I didn't have to take my LTD to court but I was beginning to prepare for that as well.

  7. angelscutoo

    angelscutoo New Member

    My LTD is the Standard Company. I had this thru my employer but I paid $54.00 per month for the insurance and filed when I had to quit work. They have a 6 month waiting period so I thought they would start paying in Oct or Nov. Then I find out they take away dollar for dollar any retirememnt you get which I do get after working 28 years and having to retire due to my health. So they have a minimum that one can receive so my benefits went from $1795 to $100 per month which I will get starting Nov. What a joke on me. Had the insurance for 12 years at $54.00 per month and I end up with $100 per month for a max of two years.
  8. Malcolm82

    Malcolm82 New Member

    teejkay: I guess I'm going to keep trying to get in touch with them and find out what they have down for my dx. I may take you up on your offer for help to get it changed if they have depression listed.

    angelscutoo: I can't believe you had to pay that kind of premium, especially through your employer's group. Mine was only about $6.00/week and it was completely employee funded. As far as their "deductibles" go, my policy also adjusts the amount they pay if I ever get on SSDI or if I were on an early retirement pension. The max I'm allowed to get from them combined with any income sources I might have is what THEIR benefit amount is. I'm pretty sure that is true with most all LTD policies.

    I'm applying for SSDI now and if I am approved, my benefits from SSDI will be deducted from my LTD benefits, so the total benefits I will get from both, combined, will be what I'm getting now, since my monthly LTD benefits exceed what my SSDI benefits would be.

    I guess I was fortunate because I became disabled at a time where my earnings were the highest they have ever been. I know a lot of people with these dds aren't so lucky.

    Thanks for the great input and advice from all!!
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