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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunburst, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. sunburst

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    I was wondering if anyone could share with me their mediation experience with a long term disability insurance carrier or if anyone else has dealt with Reliance Standard Life Insurance.
    I have a long term disability mediation on April 5 at an attorney's office. What can I expect? What happens when I am there? My attorney and his office staff have been very supportive. When I asked what I needed to bring or do prior to the mediation his office said I didn't need to do a thing because that was their job and role to ensure that everything was appropriately in place for the mediation appointment. That was so comforting to hear because we all know how difficult and taxing it can be getting forms, medical documents, other documents, etc. prepared. I met with my attorney the last week of July and I knew the first week of January when my mediation would be which I thought was relatively quick.

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    I have also had to retain an attorney to represent me against my LTD carrier. He is now in the process of making a judgement of deciding if he thinks I have an chance to win an appeal. My company is Unum Provident.

    I'm interested in your meeting,please keep us informed.
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    I too have applied for my LTD with Guardian Insur. You are really scaring me here--6 months to wait for this??? How are you surviving?? How have you paid your bills? Are all these scumbag insurance companies like this?? Help.

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    *** a word of the wise.....long term disability carriers are paid NOT to find things wrong with you. So, be prepaired ahead of time for them to nit pick everything about your illness.
    **REmember it's NOT you.....It is there job to turn us down.

    I have been fighing for mine since Sept-2005 and No money comming in.
    I had to go to specialists toget my dx.
    THank goodness I got them< NOw I can appeal myself.

    IF< you get turned down by your carrier I found out
    (duh) if I would have read the whole paper completely.

    That YOU can request ALL paperwork pertaining to your case!!!!!

    I found out ALL kinds of stuff on me.

    Dont let those butt heads upset you!!!!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


  6. obrnlc

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    hi chris, not familiar w/your company or an LTD mediation, but i'm glad you got an attorney to handle it! I also requested ALL info, including surveillance discs, phone conversations, etc. from my company, same as 1sweetie, and had to bring it down to lawyers in a wheeled suitcase, it was so large! I am also battling with the mortgage disability insurance so my lawyer has got a double whammy to deal with. Good luck with this meeting and please keep us all posted! have a great day and HAPPY SPRING to all--the pussy willows are opening up in PA! take care--L

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