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  1. jmq

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    I am in a funky mood with a head ache and fibro fog...but I wanted to ask for a clarification so I can do something productive..

    This is what I have managed to accomplish on my 2nd week of leave from work.

    1. got both rhemy and gp working on my pension and ltd paperwork.( both are putting total disabilty )

    2. ordered records from the two above and one other doctor.

    3. went to chiroprator, message therapist, and water exercises once each so far.

    4. Went and filled my house with fresh fruits and vegies. Started some extra vitamins ( grapeseed extract and D-ribose)to add to my other medications

    5. caught up with some phone calls

    6. Slept slept slept...and then slept some more

    Now what I was wondering is do I include ALL my previous doctors in the records going to LTD? I know my nuero is an idiot and put in his records that he doesnt believe in fms and thinks I need therapy and to stop taking All medications...I do not think it looks good. Also other doctor's records that I ordered tend to just say " patient complains about this and that...but there is no dx. and then says I am doing better at the end of every entry! i do not know who he was seeing? Neither of them will change their entries since it was so long ago.

    the other issue is the mental health issue. All my doctors that are doing the disabilty have the following dx's:FMS
    chronic depresssion, scoliosis, herniated discs, migraines, mitral valve, and hypothyroidism.

    Sould I include the psychiatrist I saw a few times before I was dx?? I do not want them to call it a mental health disablity...I hear they do not pay for the longer term when there is a psychiatric issue?????

    Thanks for listening...any advice would be appreciated

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  2. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    No advice just my own experience.

    I ended up putting down any doctors that had seen for fibro or related illnesses. I had to sign 17 forms for doctors.

    We sold our house to someone with FM who was on disabiliy. She received her disability because of chronic depression. That was 7 years ago.

    I was approved for disability for: fibromyalgia, arthralgia and fatigue.

    Hope this helps.
  3. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    I am on LTD have been for 2 years now.

    Some LTD companies will only pay for 2 years if depression is your diagnosis.

    Mine are still paying due to the fact that I filed a civil suit against them and they are re investigating my case cause SSDI approved me on FM not depression.

    As far as doctors reports go just give them names address and phone # with a signed release form and they will get the info themselves.

    If they do not approve your claim you should appeal.Or if they approve you for depression and will only pay 2 years appeal.

    They will have there doctors evaluate you .They evaluated mine and I never saw ant of there doctors in person.

    They will sound like your friend and tell you they are there for you.DO NOT fall for that.They record every word you say to them be careful.

    Good Luck
  4. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    Hi JMQ
    RE: LTD
    1) Only use records from SUPPORTIVE DOCTORS unless the others are in your pcp file (as consults)
    2) They will pin everything on ONE "specialist" (rheumy, neuro, etc.) that doesn't go along with your diagnosis, etc.
    3) Can you meet the medical CDC criteria for chronic fatigue, along w/the Fibro? (proven and documented) This is the only "objective" sign that the illness caused the depression and not the depression caused the illness (my current battle)
    My policy states, re: mental, 2 years for an illness CAUSED by mental problems, but not associated w/mental problems. Does your psychiatrist feel that depression is the RESULT or CAUSE?? you are probably going to have to use him, so try to get him on the same page as you, i don't know your story, but i'm sure alot of people are like me--wouldn't be depressed in the least if they had their life back!
    4) prepare for the battle of your life --trust no one and record everything, do not hold phone conversations, due to the cognitive problems assoc. w/your illness, our minds can't keep up with their tricks and they know it!
    If they say "hows the weather" and you say "great, i was outside", they will make it out that you rototilled the back 40, scrubbed 3 stories worth of vinyl siding and windows, etc.--then YOU have to prove that THEY are lying, not the other way around!

    GOOD LUCK, and i hope your headache is improving--L
  5. danaC

    danaC New Member

    I do not have FM but I know the doctor who wrote the report for my LTD and the SSA indicated that my depression was secondary to severe CFS. Make sure you read your long term policy mine had a two year limit on depression, cfs and fm. I did my homework before sending any paperwork and got copies of all medical records my doctor sent the LTD and the SSA. Good luck. Also, be careful and read everything on pre-existing conditions in your policy as well.
  6. jmq

    jmq New Member

    I can always count on you all helping me with your experiences.

    Obrnic: None of my doctors have mentioned CFS in the dx so I will look into that...and it is my GP that has me on the anti depressant. I found going to the psychiatrist was a waste of my energy and she did not know anything about FMS. I guess I should go visit her again and fill her in on what I am doing etc. do you avoid the phone calls from any of the disabiltiy people? I know not to call them...but if they call do you gracefully get out of it without getting them mad? I know..what should I care...but I do not want to stall anything either?!

    I know this is going to be a battle..and I am overwhelmed. I put in a few phone calls to Attys and left e-mails for some legal advise..but have not heard back yet.

    What I did find out today is approx. what I would get from my options ( If I won )

    LTD- max $2,000.00 a month for 2 years ( but they deduct the amount that I would get from SSDI or Pension )
    FRS Disability Pension- $2,600.00 a month ( does not include insurance- Cobra would be about 800.00 for family coverage! )
    SSDI- maybe about 1,800.00 a month and maybe some exta for my daugher.

    even though I got this info, my brain is still not functioning... In other words..if I got the $2,600 from my pension..would that cancel out the LTD? If yes, why apply? I am so confused and STILL have my headache.

    Thank you friends for helping...all your comments are like gentle hugs..

  7. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi jmq--i'll try to unfog long enough to remember some of your questions.
    First, most LTD will force you to apply for ssdi (and will provide representation that they pay for) so that they can get out of that $1800, and if ssdi gives you that, then they only have to pay you for the rest ($200 or $800, in your sit.)
    BUT--if they only pay for 2 yrs, then you will need the ssdi when they terminate you, also if you are close to the 2 yr. mark, they might not want to pay to have you represented. Also, no matter what they tell you, the rep./attny that they pay for is looking out for THEIR best interests, not yours, so will absolutely go for the mental issue to get rid of you in 2 yrs.
    Re: the phone, If you have a problem w/ cognitive stuff (and who here doesn't!) tell them to ask any questions in writing as you have a realy hard time with your brain "keeping up with" the conversation (I'm so foggy i can't put this into the right words). They will twist and turn EVERY STATEMENT YOU MAKE into a reason to deny you.(EX.--I said it took me 3 wks to dec. for Christmas like i used to do in 2 hours--they turned it around and said i was capable of all of my usual Christmas preparations, etc.) They also record everything, but when they transcribe it onto paper, it is totally twisted from what you said!
    Can't remember other questions, will try to follow this post.
    Have a great day--L

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