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    Hi new to board. has anyone had the problem of ltd being denied after ssd awarded. have fm cfs and depression. After ssd award LTD decided after FCE no longer disabled.
    they are requiring all kinds of exams for appeal process.
  2. petsrme

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    Hello, I wish I could answer your question, but I can't. I just wanted to welcome you and say hi. This is a great place for information.
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    ..from me too:) Seems to be one of those sleepless nights. Sorry I can't help on the LTD either. Have you tried using the search box at the top of the screen? May find some info there.

    take care and welcome again,
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    From what I've read on this board, people seem to have more luck with LTD if they concentrate on the depression aspect.

    It sure sticks in peoples' throats, but the bottom line is that depression is a medically-recognised condition which can be severely debilitating and limiting.

    If you concentrate on the CFS or FM, then as you've found, you'll be battling to prove they even exist - never mind prove that they're preventing you from working.

    If you use the search facility on this board and search on "LTD" you'll find that this topic is discussed pretty regularly.

    The very best of luck and welcome to the board.
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  5. suzetal

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    They can not.They are looking for another reason.Keep in mind these doctors are paid by them and will sway there way not yours.

    Heres my story Ill keep it short.

    I collected LTD for one year.And it was for FM.They decided that I no longer qualified as being disabled.None of my medical proved I would not be able to work for 12 months.Give me a break you just paid me for 1 yr.

    Well I filed an appeal.They hire there doctors.They would send my doctors forms to fill out ,and would call them.This is what my doctors told them.My GP she can not work until further notice.They wanted her to ex-plain.She again told them I'm her doctor she pays me to take care of her and I say she is not able to work till I decide she can.....Now my shrink.They called him and he told them that he could not make any comments at this time due to the fact that he had only seen me 3 times.WELL there Doctor put in a letter to my LTD that my shrink had told them that there was nothing wrong with.....A LIE...My shrink called me and sent me and them the LTD on how the doctor they hired had lied and he ( My Shrink) had never said that.

    Now my neurologist,told them that my test had come out negative,but thats normal for FM sufferers because there are no test for FM and that they are ruling out any other things.

    Now my Rheums ..I have had 3 of them....The first told them FM.Plus a few disc that are compressed in my neck.And that I am very depressed.

    The second one....Told them in his report.Signs of FM & CFS also very depressed..

    Third one an FM specielist...Said I had all 18 tender points.Am in sever pain.And cannot possibly work...

    They still did not believe them.Ordered A test to have my brain checked.I forgot the word but you build things and try to remember what you were told.....

    I would not stand for another one of there doc. that they pay for......Called my shrink he set up an appointment for me....I am paying myself.....Called LTD Co. told them they said fine..

    I went her report said I had no short term memory also had deterioration of the front lobe( Spelling)and could not follow simple direction.In her report she stated that there was no way of telling if I would ever be able to return to work.

    Well they sent me my letter that they did not approve me for a physical disability ...That would pay me 60% of my salary for 12yrs....They did approve me for mental disability.....That will only pay me for 2 yrs..........Pissed me off I am now filing a civil suit against them and will win........They lied and I have all there files and all my doctors...Copys...

    The firm I hired does not charge one penny unless I win.

    I was told I am going to win thats why they took my case....Told them I want no monthly payments I want all my money upfront....No settlement either I want the whole thing..........Or we will make this civil suet public and I will make sure the whole world knows what thieves they are.

    I do understand that there are lots of people that cheat the system .BUT I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.

    Sorry this is so long.Tried to explain in a way to keep it short.

    They can not take away all your benefits .They can take away what you make from ss and give you the balance of what your percentage would be..

    Any ?????? ask me


    CAREFOR New Member

    thanks all for the info this LTD was after received for 3yrs and then got SSD award this year they (LTD) recouped their monies then decided no longer disabled under the any occupation clause after 2 years. shocked and don't understand how they can do this since they had found totally disabled from any occupation for 1 yr. after the 2yr own occp. I can say beware to LTD recipents make sure DX are keeping good notes and you report everything also I have read that FCE AND IME can be viewed and recorded the odd thing is with FM and CFS and depression the only thing they scedule was FCE and different one from previous yrs and it was not done corectly now they are requesting exams from several specialties that I have to pay for and schedule. How do you do this?
  7. suzetal

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    If you do thats great get a lawyer file a civil suit they can not force you to pay for test or doctors appointments.They have to pay if they want them done.


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