Lucky girl..........I see Madwolf tomorrow !!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JaciBart, Mar 19, 2003.

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    I have an appt with Madwolf tomorrow, I am pretty excited. It will be nice to actually have someone managing my care who does not act condescending and roll their eyes (pls do't do that Madwolf!). My doc has been getting worse & worse to deal with since I started on hydrocodone, has been treating me like I just want drugs. It is not like it (hydro) worked all that great anyway. Stupid me, I thought that about a 40-50% reduction in pain was about the best I could expect. Since an ER doc put me on the Fentanyl patch, 50 mcg, I have been so much better. I actually am getting out of bed at 5-6 am, actually getting up cuz I want to. Making breakfast for my hubby, getting so much more during the day and feeling a much better attitude towards life. Who in the hell needs dr's like that anyway. I am hoping to get to the root of my problems, I have never been tested for the free t-3, I have never been tested for mycoplasma, etc. I have about a 3.5 hour drive each way but it will be worth it.

    I will report in & tell you all if he is as perfect as he sounds here on the board! Heeee heee

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    I sure wish I could find a Dr. that is as knowledgeable as Madwolf. I'm so jealous! I'm sure it will all go great! Lendi
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    You are a lucky girl! PLEASE do us all a favor when you are there........please communicate to him how very much we appreciate all his time & effort answering individual questions on this board. Please tell him that his unique perspective as both a caregiver and a sufferer makes him an invaluable asset to this board, one that many of us have taken advantage of from time to time, and that we are grateful for the extra mile that he goes to here, time & time again. Will you please do that for us ALL, Jaci???? Thank you very much---and have a great appointment, I'm sure it will be worth the long drive!!

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    Hi Jaci,
    Hope your appt. with Madwolf goes well. Tell him hi from all of us here in Fibro/CFS land. I was just going to tell you to remember to tell him about your edema and what he suggests. Also on the other question you asked about swelling, my doc said flexeril and celebrex(I think that is the one for arthritis) can cause swelling. I was taking both and quit. Still have swelling but accupuncture and lasix help too. Good luck, drive safe.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)
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    You are SOOOOOO lucky. Give him a BIG hug and a BIG thank you from all of us. He has been a real sweetheart. Will be so excited to hear all about it, and YES the drive will be well worth it. Enjoy the ride and look forward to being able to get on the right track with your health. :)))) Wonder if I can come see him from Tn.? lol Good Luck sweetie!!
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    good for you!!! try to grab some samples of goodies!!lol
    Hope all works all for you!Where are you people?
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    I am fairly new and have caught on that "madwolf" is a Doctor but can anyone tell me what state he is in?

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    You must read his profile...he sounds like such a great guy - I had no idea he was in the Navy.

    Madwolf...if you read this...were you ever on the USS Nimitz? That's the ship my son was just deployed on his way to the persian gulf. BTW, his father is a retired flight instructor and taught me how to fly so I understand your dream to want to learn how and truly hope you get the chance to follow that dream. are a lucky girl!! Please tell him thanks for me too.

    Bless you for all your this board!!
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