Lucky questions about dr. hyde or anyone with first hand info

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bren22, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. bren22

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    Hi Lucky

    I know that you said that you were not happy with Dr. Hyde. Would you mind expanding on that? I have been sick for at least 11 years and am primarily housebound. I have been doing bloodwork and tests since the beginning of Oct. I have spaced them out a bit as it was scheduled for 6 weeks. Some of the tests got rescheduled due to equipment problems and then conflicted with others. You know how that is. My problem is that I am so exhausted normally and I don't do anything. Now I am expected to go out every week or so. When I talked to Dr. Hyde (who I find very difficult to get in touch with - let alone book an appointment with) he said that other patients just get it done. And that the tests are not invasive so what is so hard or tiring about that? I want to get the results but I am terrified that the energy I am expending will lead to an extreme deterioration in my already fragile condition. What about the long term consequences of all of this?

    Is this what you found?

    Looking for confirmation that I am not insane.

  2. Susan07

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    Don't know Dr. Hyde, but you'd think he'd realize that the effort of getting ready to go ANYWHERE is a chore.

    Good Luck and take care,
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    I am sorry that I only read your message now, but try to answer it as well as I can. Yes, it is very difficult to get in touch with Dr. Hyde, and also he just is not as what one would expect of a CFS doctor, namely to have compassion. As I mentioned before, I had many many tests done, under sometimes difficult circumstances of being very fatigued or in pain and the most frustrating thing after having them all done, there was no help at all from him. Those tests showed that there were quite a few things wrong with me, but there was no follow-up, nothing,or even any suggestion what to do. I completely lost my trust in the doctor after a few incidences and am not seeing him anymore, although I paid him quite a fee at the time. It was the biggest disappointment since I have CFS for at least 20 years and having seen quite a few doctors since I have become ill. He also told me there is no such a thing as CFS and on the other hand my NeuroSpects showed exactly the opposite.

    I know how you feel regarding your fatigue and being in a fragile condition and that it is very hard to have a test done every week. But, if you believe that the doctor can help you, you have to tell his office that you want to space the appointments to give you a rest inbetween.

    If I can answer any more questions, pls. let me know.

    Best wishes, Lucky
  4. Adl123

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    I'm sorrry you seem to have encountered an insensitive Dr.. I don't mean to be flip, but, who in their right mind, with a name like Hyde, would become a doctor, anyway? It brings up all kinds of connotations. Maybe he never read the book "Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde".

    Seriously, though, you might be getting a warnng sign. He should ber more compassionate. Common courtesy would mandate that he try to work with you and make the tests as conmfortable for you as possible, not put you down for having a hard time.

    Good luck,

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