lukernomore --THE MYTH OF LAZINESS by Mel Levine, MD

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    also wrote A MIND AT AT TIME

    this one seems to be more about output failure -- children who seem to be good students, learn easily and then have trouble as they grow being able to put that to use.

    He recommends writing.

    My son had trouble hearing as a child, 9 surgeries later he always makes honor roll but doesn't get it about how to do things I can explain (or the dh) until I'm blue in the face and it just doesn't sink in. Takes hours to do his homework--should take 20 min. So I thought I'd check this out to see if it would help. This so far has been about neuro problems.
    nothing about fibro fog... but I'll let you know
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    Giving you a bump back up

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    I had been wondering about that book. I want/need to make a trip to my local Books-A-Million very soon because I have read everything I have and some two to three times. I am always looking for a good book that will explain or help demystify some of the learning problems and/or skills and cognitve processes. Thanks again for thinking of me.
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    Today Jake was terrible about getting out of bed and out the door.

    SOOOO he had to write an essay about moms.

    I told him that the next essay would be 2 pages and the topic would be selfishness LOL

    The author of this book was on OPRAH with his first book