you have MCS could I ask what you use rop

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. shelbo

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    for personal care (cleaning and moisturising your face, cleaning your eyes, any makeup you can use etc) as well as what cleaning stuff you tolerate? I am really struggling with MCS and how to best treat/ live with it! I had found skincare I could use but they discontinued it and I only have a little left so I'm on a search to find something else to cleanse/ moisturise with that won't make me violently ill! I am afflicted with rosacea too (eyes and face). Hope you see this! Thanks so much...Shelbo :)
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    I am very sorry that you are going through this. I can sympathize and offer what works for me. I do realize that what works for me may not work for another—we are all so different.

    Cleanse: Aubrey’s facial cleanser for dry skin
    Moisturizer: I buy emu oil from a health food store and use a small dab w/ lots of water; I alternate w/ jojoba oil (also used to remove makeup). I also use MyChelle products (check them out online) when I can afford them.
    Dry eyes: similasan dry eyes
    Makeup: Cory’s mineral makeup is the only one that does not irritate my skin

    Household: I use white vinegar made from grain (not petro-chem) to clean everything. I do use BonAmi on occasion if I need to seriously scrub the tub or kitchen sink. I also use baking soda as a scrub. I do not use any other cleaning products. For laundry, I use Seven Generation soap. Also I use their kitchen soap for dishes. All are, of course, non-fragranced (you can buy the lavender scented but I do not). I use all soaps very sparingly.

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    Thanks for replying! :)

    I hope you're doing okay :)

    Thanks so much for sharing what works for you. I will look into those products you mentioned. I have seriously dry skin. I used to be able tolerate Jane Iredale mineral makeup but now it makes my face sore and makes me feel sick. I have tried lots of mineral makeup alternatives but have the same reaction each time. I have not tried Cory though so I will look into that (I looked up some reviews for the Cory stuff online though and was a bit disturbed to find some reviewers found her products smelt of smoke on arrival.)

    Are you able to tolerate the oil on your eyes? I have real trouble with my eyes (serious problems with ocular rosacea and chemical sensitivity) and am looking for a cleanser for them as keeping them clean without irritation/ flaring up a horrible reaction is so important!

    You're so right that we are all different. For the past two years I have not been able to tolerate anything new (natural or otherwise) which is worrying since I have only a little of my safe stuff left! :( I am so worried and anxious as when I use nothing at all I still seem to get a horrible reaction (till I use my safe stuff!)

    Thanks for all your help and advice Lukro! I hope you see this message!

    Take care, Shelbo :)

  4. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    Could you please tell me the exact name of that Aubrey cleanser? There seem to be quite a few cleansers in that line? Thanks! :)
  5. lukro

    lukro Member

    I bought the Cory products several years ago and there was no smell of smoke. I mix colors and buy two, so they last forever.

    The Aubrey cleanser is Seaware w/ Rose Mosqueta facial cleansing cream for dry skin (number 1 on the bottle).

    My eyes are dry but not my eyelids. I do not use oil around them so I do not know if I'm sensitive in that area or not.

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