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    Hi lukro,
    I just read a post of yours that your doctor told you there is no lyme in the Pacific NW. That is just not true.

    Lyme has been found in Washington State, especially in ticks in the Cascade Mts. Due to the lack of knowledge on the part of the medical community in diagnosing Lyme Disease, many of us in the NW remain misdiagnosed.

    Also, because people travel, they can pick up lyme elsewhere and not know it. Only 50% of people with lyme recall a tick bite, or a "classic" bullseye rash.

    In addition, lyme disease is highly under-reported.

    Lyme Disease in Washington State (2002)
    Washington State Dept. of Health
    DOH receives 7 to 18 reports of Lyme disease per year.

    "Almost all Washington cases are the result of outdoor exposure in counties west of the Cascade Mountains in the Cascade foothills, or out of state, reflecting the distribution of the Ixodes tick vector and its deer and rodent reservoirs. The rate of infection in Washington ticks is low, but high in Atlantic states, Minnesota and Wisconsin."


    Ticks are not the only vectors of Lyme Disease. It can also be transmitted by mosquitos and fleas. There is some evidence that it may be transmitted sexually. It can also be passed from mother to child in utero, or through breast milk.

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