** Lumbar RADICULOPATHY == Finally A Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

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  1. S-Elaine

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    Hi all,

    I have been suffering from this horrible foot / leg pain for 1 year now.

    The pain in my feet is “burning” where they feel like they are on FIRE! The pain then has been radiating upwards hitting my knees, thighs & lower back. My toes become completely numb.

    Walking around or moving …… forget it. I haven’t been able to, yet I’ve been doing my best to hang in there until I finally got a Diagnosis.

    == Had a NCV / EMG test done & it came back as ……

    Evidence of left S1 Radiculopathy.

    OK, so how do we treat it & honestly, I’ve become tired of Doctors diminishing this “feet issue”.

    Seriously …… You need your feet for just about everything!

    I did my research & found typically the first types of treatment are as follows:

    == Physical Therapy (Been there, done it, not wasting any more time. Besides, I use to be able to exercise daily before all of this!)

    == Anti-Inflammatory medications. (Yes, tried that 3 times now & no results.)

    == Chiropractor (What??? Are you kidding me??? The pain is beyond that point. No, let’s move on. I need improvement because I have become more Disabled than I ever have been in my life with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue.)

    I won’t settle for this. It’s unacceptable to me.

    == I flat out told the Pain Management Doctor …… I want the --- Bilateral S1 Epidural Steroid Injection, as soon as possible & I refuse to take NO as an answer.

    Thankfully, I’m scheduled to have the procedure done on August 7th.

    In the mean time, I took a prescription for Tramadol to help the pain be “bearable” / “tolerable” until then.

    I had an MRI of my Lumbar Spine done in June of 2011 & at the time there was …… what they told me …… slight damage done to the S1 / L5 area.

    …. But I was told in the Emergency Room ---- it should not be causing the Pain I was in.

    With the NCS / EMG results, I was able to do my own RESEARCH now. All of the symptoms I was having at the time (1 year ago) fit the Diagnosis.

    My legs would feel like they were on FIRE.

    Also if you were to try and “touch” any part of my legs or feet at the time ….. I’d scream from the pain. Even the slightest “touch” would escalate the pain level.

    I am glad I finally have a diagnosis.

    Although, I do have to be honest and acknowledge the “utter frustration” I feel. Knowing I had so many of these symptoms a little over 1 year ago & all of the Doctors / Specialists who examined me, never LISTENED close enough or put the effort in with trying to get to the root of the problem for me.

    I was starting to believe it was due to my Fibromyalgia and it was a “life altering” adjustment I would just have to get use to & learn to live like this.

    Obviously, I will not be staying with my current Fibromyalgia Doctor as his Patient.

    I will search everywhere I can to find a new Doctor and make the change when my body becomes more “functioning”.

    The Diagnosis on the EMG report is:

    == Neuritis
    == Radiculitis Thoracic
    == L5 / S1 Left Paracentral Protrusion
    == Lumbosacral Unspecified

    Any input or advice from others who have dealt with this would be …… welcomed!!

    == Elaine
  2. MicheleK

    MicheleK Member

    Hi Elaine, I am happy that you finally got a diagnosis. It's probably been a very rough year with all that pain and not knowing if it was something you were going to have to live with everyday forever!
  3. Goatwoman

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    I've had this condition for years. It was especially bad in my 40s--had all the sx's you have described. My MD put me on Neurontin, which has greatly helped, and now I take 600mg of Neurontin at night, and one Tramadol in the morning.

    It was due to the LR that I had to take so much time off from work.

    It seems to have stabilised somewhat, but I have IM Toradol which really helps, and I use it when a flare comes on. I also stretch out my left leg every day, and try to walk every day.

    Hope that you can find an MD who can help you. I know first hand how miserable this all can be.


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