Lump on outside of throat and a tightening pain? anyone else?

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    I am kinda scared to go to the doctor, about 3 weeks ago I developed a lump about where an adams apple would be, (I guess that where the thyroid is?) appeared and it feels like someone is tightening cords in my neck I have trouble turning my head and looking up and swallowing hurts.

    It went away but has now come back and it is rather painful and irritating, my husband and I were looking at tile in a home imprpvement store and they have samples way up high and I couldn't look up at them...the tightening pain hurt too bad?

    Any other folks experience this? I think sometimes I am going nuts!!

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    My daughter (24) is hypothyroid. She has hashimoto's which means your thyroid swells. Definately see the doctor for this ASAP. For more info go to If it is your thyroid, medication may help some of your current symptoms.

    Best Wishes


    Thanks for the reply I will look into that!

  4. GigglePoet

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    they those could be thyroid nodules,the are usually found to not be cacerous but get them check buy way of Ultra Sound through your Doctor..Good Luck!!

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    You need to be examined by a physician no one on a discussion board can diagnose you.

    It may be scary going to the physician but -- your health is worth it don't you think?

    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is an autoimmune disorder when one's body attacks its thyroid.

    Best wishes,

    Karen :)
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    Do you suffer from anxiety? I ask this because there is a syndrome called globus syndrome that has symptoms similar to what you are describing. I had it for about 6 months until it resolved on it's own. I was prescribed xanax for this and from the first pill, I realized that this was what I had. It can be quite painful! It is a spasm of the crichopharengeal muscle in the throat, and it is caused by anxiety. It is quite common and there are even message boards for this syndrome.

    Do a search for globus syndrome and see if you think this might apply to you. An ENT was the one who diagnosed me with this. I would look into this before I would do all the work up for swallowing tests and such, but that is just my opinion, for what it is worth!

    Take care, Sally

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