Lumps and Bumps

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jenelle, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Jenelle

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    I have a series of lumps or bumps all over the majority of
    my body. They appear to be on top of the muscles (where the muscle is supposed to be. You can feel them but cannot
    usually see them. They have all been sore at some time but
    are not sore all the time. My doctor says I have Fibro but
    doesnt know what the bumps are from or what to treat them.
    (One doctor just told me to rub them - wonder if he throught
    that would bring a Jeanie!) If anyone else has this problem
    I would like to know.
  2. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    A condition called Myofascial Pain Syndrome will quite often be present along with FMS. One of the signs of this is a hard, almost like concrete, feel to the muscles. Is this what you are describing? If you are one of the lucky folks who is blessed with both, find a GOOD therapist who is familiar with both problems. Treatment that helps one will often make the other worse, and vice versa. BOTH must be treated to get you any relief. Good luck!!!
  3. starstella

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    Look for "lumps and bumps" on the search feature, you will find many others have this as it has been discussed recently. Kathryn is right, it is a part of another syndrome, myofacial pain syndrome.

    In a book by Clair Davies, a physical therapist called the trigger point theapy workbook, (well worth reading if you have that problem)treatment for these areas is pressure to the area to help break down and dissolve the lumps. Some members of this board have found this book very helpful. I have such pain after trying his techniques that I don't use his methods, but the book is a wonderful resource for explanation of the source of some of your pain.

    I have gotten the best results with myofacial release by a physical therapist trained in this technique. It is a gentle, gradual stretching of the myofacia that surrounds muscle tissue. Myofacial release is not typically covered in traditional physical threrapy training as far as I know so you have to shop around for someone who does this.

    Good luck on your path to wellness!