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  1. PAlady

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    Just trying to find out if this is from fibro too. I have bumps or lumps in my hips and other places too, What do ya think, does anybody else have anything like this? Have spoken with my dr. he said they are harmless ans won't hurt me. but they are painful! Thanks
  2. Rose_Red

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    Mine are most noticable above my wrists on the topside of my arms. They come in all different sizes. One of my chiro's told me they were 'Bible Thumpers' because the old-fashioned way of treating them was to smash them with a big book!

    I think I'll pass on that cure LOL

  3. happygranny

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    If you put the word lumps into the search box above and search in Title, you will find a lot of discussion on the subject of lumps!!! It does seem to be part of FMS.

    Dr. St. amand feels it is a phosphate build -up because we can't eliminate phosphates properly. I don't know if that is true.

    I have two kinds of lumps. One is fatty tissue, called Lipomas and they are all in my low back. The other is a harder type of cyst that is in my arm muscles. These ones are tender to touch and just newly developed.

  4. Francey54

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    Dear PAlady:

    I have a lump behind my right knee for years, never could figure out what the heck that was. Also, a lump in my left elbow. Never made the connection to Fibro, but I guess that is what its from.

  5. SingFMAway

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    About 2 years ago I had a rather sudden flare up of a lump in that spot above my breast and near my underarm area. At first I was afraid it was cancer, thankfully, that was proven wrong. But it was soooooo painful. I also developed a similar one on my back just below my shoulder blade. Then I got matching spots on the other side of my body. Talk about not being able to find a comfortable position to sleep in!!

    They baffled the dr. Nothing showed up in xrays, ultrasounds, bloodwork... Thankfully they did believe the amount of pain I was in. I had compassion from them, but no answers. I think they are my own addition to the 18 tender point chart!

    They had calmed down a lot, but I'm actually in a flare right now. :( The pain radiates through a lot of my chest and back muscles. No fun driving, either.

    Good luck with yours.

    Strength, courage and hope,
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    I have them too and some are hard like tumors and others are soft like cysts. I have them on my arms, basically upper arms, thighs, some around my waist, top of foot, ankle, but most all of them don't bother me. Most all no one can see them.

    I do have one on my right upper arm that seems to be near a nerve that if touched does hurt some, but it normally isn't a bother.

    I'm just afraid of getting my mammogram on 9/8, that one of those things will get in my breasts and show up on the mammogram, yet be benign.

    My dad had these also and they were huge. He also had what I think was FMS and back then they told him he had neuralgia. I can see now that what he had was FMS. He suffered terribly.

    I had one on the bottom of my foot that was a plantar fibroma and had to have surgery to remove it. It was like walking on a stone. That was the only really painful one I had and the surgery was in 1987. I'm very grateful I haven't had anymore on the bottom of my feet.