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  1. LindaGa

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    Hi im new to the boards,does anyone suffer from lumps in their legs,ect.Iv had a vacular exam and it isnt a ciculation.They feel like they are in veins or something ropy feeling under the skin.They also hurt if I rub them or put pressure on them.TY LindaGA
  2. LindaGa

    LindaGa New Member

    Hi im new to the boards,does anyone suffer from lumps in their legs,ect.Iv had a vacular exam and it isnt a ciculation.They feel like they are in veins or something ropy feeling under the skin.They also hurt if I rub them or put pressure on them.TY LindaGA
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    hey i thought i was the only one! You just described my legs.Doc says it is the fibro, but my research says it is myofascial. I got them both. Is the knots and lumps painful--mildly to don't touch. I have these everywhere in body. I would love to chat with you. I'm new to all this too. kayicemom@yahoo Do this lumps swell up too? Please fill free to contact me, as we are both new to this. Bye.
  4. LindaGa

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    Kayice I have asked the dr and so far no answer to this problem .Yes the hurt if I rub them softly or anything they are mostly in my left leg,but also in other places>Ive had trouble with low back problems for years and scitic problem for 15.Have to use a cane most of the time ive had a mri of my lower back and they cant find out what is wrong with my leg it feels dead but hurts like h*** .LindaGA
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    Hi and welcome to the board.
    I to have the lumps in my legs as well as many in my tummy and ribs and even a few in my neck and arms and my boobs are full of them. My doc said they are fatty tumors but who know's. I am a small framed person so I don't get that fatty thing. I also have cfs as well as fibro and costocondritius. I am sure that I spelt that wrong. mine hurt very bad if I mess with them and some day's they will hurt for no reason. Man this is such a wonderful illness to have. Well I hope you find help soon with your pain. I see a chrio and he says to push on them untill you feel the lump release. You ask me I tried it and will never do it again it hurt so bad...
  6. LindaGa

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    Ive tried pushing on them hard that really hurts bad
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    Hi LindaGa,

    I too am new to the boards. I also have the Lumps All Over my body and Yes they hurt very badly, my Dr. says it is when I am having a flare up. Which I don't believe because I have them all of the time. Plus I am having problems with the bottom of my feet, which I didn't have before.
    Good Luck,
    God Bless....

  8. LadyDragon

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    I met a lady at the drs. office the other day who has lumps in her arm muscles. She also has Lupus.....
  9. LindaGa

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    I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago and it is terrible I must be in what they call a flare and its terrible ,my feet hurt me too.Ive had this 35 years and didnt know what it was,now I know Im not nutz,but knowing what it is doesnt make it better.All the pills on top of it all and no relief from the pain.I think Im going to try something else.Hope we all get some relief. LindaGa
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    little livers, I have them all over my body,I also have lumps in my breast which I have been told are from FM,the ropey things are there as well but dont hurt as much as the lumps I have always thought they were just part of Fm cya Pam
  11. LindaGa

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    My lumps are on the ropy things and hurt all the time.They told me the lumps in my breast was dut to fiber cystic breast, so every time a new lump is found to a specialist I go because my sister died 2 years ago from breast cancer. God Bless LindaGa
  12. klutzo

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    If you do indeed have fatty tumors, which are called Lipomas, you should NOT rub them. It will not make them go away at all. If they are caused by Fibro, they will be in areas you use a lot, like your wrists and shoulders if you type a lot, for example. The Fibro lumps, which are called Indural Nodulations, are much harder than Lipomas and feel like petrified muscle, which is pretty much what they are...muscle that has been in spasm often and long enough to be oxygen starved so that it hardens. Those can be worked on by a professional, or they can go away by themselves after years of not doing the activity that caused them... I know this from personal experience, since mine slowly went away after I stopped typing all the time.
    The painful feet are probably plantars fascitis, which is common in FMS patients. Shoe orthotics (inserts) obtained from a Podiatrist may help, but I prefer to toughen my feet by exercising them more...that seems to help me most. Rolling your foot back and forth over a tennis ball while sitting down may also help. If they hurt the most when you first get up in the morning, try moving them around and stretching and massaging them a bit before getting out of bed.
    Hope you feel better soon,
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    I also have the lumps under the skin, the worse ones are down the back of my thighs but have the ropey feeling at different areas. My feet and legs was the first place my fibro started and are still the most painful now. They have the numb feeling but oh! so painful and burn like fire. I`m sitting here tonite waiting for some of the pain meds to start helping so I can try going to bed.So far I have taken an oxycontin,a neurontin,a B complex, a magnesium and have a klonopin to take in a few minutes. I feel like a walking pill box and the worse part is that the meds. and vit. are not taking care of the pain well enough so I can hardly stand it. Don`t really want to raise the strength of them but know I need to as I can`t sit and suffer so anymore. This is one TERRIBLE disease. It surely is a demeaning disease. When people say " I hope you get to feeling better" you don`t have an answer because this disease does`nt get better. I sure appreciate this board because you can say how you feel and everyone understands and cares. My very best to you!!!
  14. melksng

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    Yes i do get lumps in my legs and all over my body, especially in the neck, i find i get them when i have a very bad flair up. luv.....Melissa
  15. LindaGa

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    Ive been reading abot the tenis ball and im definally going to try them>TY also my pain is in my left leg and I can hardly use it also in low back,had mri usual degenertative disease but i also have bad scolois real bad they say and my spine is ate up with arthtis.Im now on walking assistance or a wheelchair for any long waling this also happend 15 years ago and with alot of weight lifting and excercise by a trainor and my son whose into fitness worked with me for a year free of charge at the trainors gym because he wanted to help me.Hope it works again for I go to the gym monday> LindaGa
  16. LindaGa

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    Ive moved up in my shoe size and do leg exercise already ty for the suggestion but still didnt help with the problem the leg still does no work glad it helped u>LindaGa
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    Hi, I'm new to this board and read the postings about lumps under the skin. These have been driving me crazy! They are in my ribs, under arms, around breasts, in hips and legs. I've never gotten a straight answer from my doc about them, says they are trigger points, but that's not the definition of trigger points that i have read about. Anyway, its nice to know (not that i'm glad anyone has to put up with them) that i am not alone with these. I cannot use tennis ball on these--too much pain afterwards.
  18. Oh yes I have them too. No dr. gives me an answer when I ask about them. I have them in my stomach and legs. They hurt too and I think its a flare also of fibro. Because I get them, then my whole body starts aching.
  19. Danielle

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    The lumps were one of the first thing I noticed was going wrong. I've had this dd for 6 years and they have never really changed. I however have felt better in the last year than when this first started.
  20. nancyneptune

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    All we ever hear is that FM can't be diagnosed thru lab tests, MRI's or x-rays. That it's a completely subjective disease "syndrome"! So if we have all these frickng painful lumps that the doc can actually feel AND he just off the cuff says, "Oh that's from your Fibro", why isn't it part of the symptomology and the objective physical proof? There are a million other objective physical things that show up! Thick blood, elevated sed rate, pituitary and hypothalmic dysfunction, falling down! Do they think we fall down on purpose for effect? I think some doctors and the powers that be need to actually have an original thought in their heads and put 2 and 2 together. Man, this is pissing me off.