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  1. bpmwriter

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    hi all,

    my doc gave me some samples of lunesta to try today but i just realized they're 3 mg, the highest dose. can they be cut in half? i think i've read some previous posts where folks have said 3 mg is way too much. advice?

  2. schaken

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    I've been taking 2 mg since September. Most times they work, sometimes they don't.

    Not much help but I thought it might bump you up.

  3. forfink

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    Just to reassure you that 3mg. is OK. I am super sensitive to all medications, basically, I always have to take the lowest of everything.
    But with the Lunesta, my doctor gave me the 3mg. dose and it worked beautifully, right away. No drugged out feeling or next day fog. Other friends I have were also given the same dose and did well.
    It does leave a metalic taste in your mouth, but a small price to pay for a great night sleep. I just brush my teeth and tongue like crazy the next morning.
    Hope it works well for you!
  4. donnaba

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    I take the 1 mg dose, sometimes only 1/2 of a dose. Maybe you could try 1/2 of your 3 mg pill and see how you respond to it.

  5. thepkk

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    I take it and have been getting the best sleep I have had in years unless I have alot of pain. Only problem I have had is that I have started falling out of bed and that hurts. Don't know if it is the lunesta or my little 5 lb. chichawawa kicking me out of bed. lol
  6. Treca

    Treca New Member

    1 2mg tab a night and like others who have posted I get the best sleep I have ever had since having this DD. So far the only side effect I have is cottonmouth and a slight nasty taste in the mouth. Which I am willing to deal with since it works so well.

    I would call your doctor and make sure it's OK to cut them in half, but your doctor may have given you the 3mg tabs because of your situation with this DD.

    If you are able to tolerate Lunesta it is possible that it will work just as great for you as it does for me an many others.

    Good luck
    Treca :)
  7. jenni4736

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    I am curretnly taking 2mg. of Lunesta each night. I have read that you should not cut them in half but I am not real sure about that.

    What I do know is that it is availble in 1,2,and 3mg doses.

    IF you feel this (your 3mg.)is too much, have your doctor write a script for a lesser dose.Maybe your DR would be willing to write a script for more 1 mg. and allow you to biuld up and taje up to three at a night.

    I love it. It has helped me a lot. I do wish they could stop the lingering aftertaste that comes with it.But other than that, it has been great. It did take me about 2 weeks to adjust completly to the mornings, but I no longer have the "hangover" type issues.

    Good luck,
  8. jane32

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    definitely cut in 1/2 to try it. I first started out with 2 mg and I felt super tired the next day. Then I kept cutting the pill in 1/2 for months and the 1 mg. worked great. After awhile though I went back up to the 2 mg and the dose works great.

    I also take melatonin at night. I love lunesta but in order for it to work for me I need to stop eating 2 1/2 hrs. before I take it.
  9. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    i've been weaning off klonopin before i give the lunesta a try. i've read that the pills shouldn't be broken or crushed so i suppose i'll go with the 3 mg and see how i do. for those with restless legs, does the lunesta help any, or is it best for pure insomnia?

    thanks for all advice,
  10. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    tried lunesta last night. it was a little anticlimatic for me. no bad taste. no headache or side effects. hey, i'm not complaining! just a gentle drifting off to sleep. i was hoping to feel a little better than i did this morning though. i've been blaming my wakefulness for my morning pain and stiffness and even with a good night's sleep, it's still there. i slept well but i don't feel all that more rested than i usually do. i'll take it for a week or two and see how i do. i think i need a new mattress.

  11. Treca

    Treca New Member

    give it time. You only took it 1 night so far. I know that when I first started taking it I didn't just wake up feeling better, but I did notice that I wasn't so tired as I was the night before I started to the Lunesta. As I continued to take it my mornings where getting better and are better.

    About the mattress. We ended up getting a new one because I was just not sleeping well on the one that we had so we got a Simmons Beautyrest "QUINLAN". I would live in the bed if I could. Right off the bat I noticed how well I was sleeping. I have to have a plush soft mattress, but still have the firmness for a little support. I feel that this mattress set deliveries just that for me and hubby.

    If we can afford it I think we all should update our mattresses if we haven't. I know it made a huge difference for me in my sleep and how I felt when I got up.

    It's something to think about and of course it may not work for all, but it did help in my quest for a good nights sleep.

    Good Luck!
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  12. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    thanks for the mattress advice! do you have the quinlan luxury firm, plus or ultra pillowtop?

  13. Treca

    Treca New Member

    We had a death in the family and had to leave very fast.

    The mattress we have is the "Visco Super Pillow top" and I noticed that you don't disturb you sleeping partner as much with this one as well.

    I suggest that you lay on the mattress for awhile before buying it though. You never know if you will like it or not once it is home. So take your time and move around and lay in your favorite sleeping positions.

    Hope this helps. If you want to know anything else about the mattress I have just let me know.

    Take Care,
    Treca :)