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  1. HagerTX

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    In late Decemer, I was prescribed 3mg of Lunesta. It worked well initially but after 10-14 days it seemed to lose some of its effectiveness. Last night I did not take any, hoping to get off it and wanting to take fewer meds.

    During the night, I was extremely restless and had very vivid weird dreams. As of mid morning my resting heart rate and blood pressure seem noticeably elevated.

    Has anyone else taken Lunesta for a few weeks or longer and had any withdrawal or adjustment upon cessation?

  2. dancingstar

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    Yes. I hated the stuff and had the exact same experience. I didn't renew my prescription. Who needs to be addicted to a sleeping pill that doesn't work?
  3. lin-z

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    I recently got a scrip for lunesta and I really do like it. However I do not take it every night because I dont want it to stop its effectiveness.

    I would say if possible, stay off for a few days and then start again maybe every other day. I know its hard because sleep is so important but sometimes just knowing I have it gives me such peace of mind that i dont take it.

    I have been known to take a half (have to bite it..sure cant cut them lil suckers) late at night if I really cant fall asleep

    Good Luck

    ps I have been usindg it sporadically for about 2 months now